Ban apeal

  • username: mynamjef lol
    ID: mynamjef lol#6421
    Reason: I said nibba and as punishment got muted for an unspecified period of time, and in my salt, i went to the voicechat of another large server and had the denizens nibba bomb the server
    Warnings: he told me to not say nibba more and i disputed this because why not even nibba
    Team member: MrBubbleSS
    Why to lift the ban: because I am kinda crippled in my gameplay without the server
    How i have changed: i mean, i haven't really but i'll tune my self down just for access
    How do i plan on being different: ill tune myself down and do the usual "mod is near self censorship"


    Sorry, but this doesn't show the kind of change or respect for others that we expect of members, especially if you're going to continue doing it admitting to do so, just behind moderators' backs.

    Feel free to re-appeal in 30 days.