Ban Appeal

  • Discord ID:170558740485898240
    Date/Time when ban was issued:no idea
    Reason given (if any) for the ban:nope
    Warnings received prior to the ban:none
    Team member who issued the ban:no idea
    Explain why we should lift the ban:I started playing WF again recently, wanted to join chat and find people to play with, no idea how I got banned if I've never been there.
    How have you changed since this happened:No clue
    How do you plan on being different if we lift the ban:not different but I am in a ton of discords for other games and do just fine without getting banned so I doubt I would here.


    Your discord id is a string of numbers. It allows us to check in case you've ever changed your names.


    Just looked through the history around when you were banned. You were indeed on, and not being conducive. We will discuss further.

    One thing that would help a lot is using a less politically charged username and avatar.

  • I'm not sure what you mean by condusive by if you're saying I won't get an appeal cuz my username is Doctor Cowboy Trump I can change the nickname for that server. I didn't think it was very inflammatory just kinda a goofy name but if that's what it takes I guess.

  • How long does this usually take?

  • Am I missing something here?


    Still missing your Discord Username at the time of the ban.

  • Well i'm glad a week later I'm told this, but I don't have the answer. I thought the point of the discord ID was that, I have no idea on the name


    We need your id to search for the ban in the bot's logs, but your current username is what we use to unban from discord.

  • My current username is "🎃💀👻DoctorCowboyGodEmperorTrump🎃💀". As for what my name was at the time of ban I honestly have no idea, I still don't recall even being on the server to begin with, and I can't find any "name history" either.


    At present, I think we'll hold off unbanning. I'd recommend reapplying with a plan to make sure you don't make inflammatory or political talk. That's my recommendation for your next appeal. And providing all the info up front would help lots ❤