Discord Ban Appeal

  • So i got banned today on warframe discord because on #rivenhub i was "Exposing personal information in Riven Hub." and i accept what i have done and it is wrong, i should have read the rules but i didn't and that was bad on my part but i assure you this will never happen again and if it is to i will gladly take my punishment. Since the ban i have realized that i cannot be immature and the information i "exposed" is fake and not real, i used random location on google maps to find that. My Discord Id is : JesusChris#3233. Team member to issue the ban on me was Volt #1464. I plan by apologizing to the riven chat for what i did as soon as you lift the ban, and not to repeat anything like that again.


    Hi, If you'd like your ban appeal to be considered, please follow the format post in the ban appeals category. Thank you.