Non-english Channel on the Server

  • Just sharing a suggestion shared to me from Zegirom#1900:

    "I have noticed recently there are a few people that don't speak english as their main language so i was thinking on creating a text channel (may it be called "Non-english" or something like that) so people with difficulties with english can just write in their native language with other people. of course its just a thought, be warned of any conflict it may bring though."

    The one issue I see with this is just that we'd need moderators who are fluent in different languages, at least a few in each language. for Spanish, Italian, French, German, etc.

    I think specific servers for each language is best, but just posting the suggestion here, so we can all discuss.

  • I think that is a good idea however, sometimes they join to practice English. for example I know there is a french player in V.C. who comes to practice and a non-staff member has been helping him.


    I think it'd make more sense down the line where we can make entire language categories and keep things sorted inside of there, but right now i think it'd get chaotic. Being able to have one large discord for everyone of all languages sounds amazing, but the logistics are insane. Similarly for multi-platform if people get salty at all about stuff like PCMR or different people making fun of consoles.

  • I agree, we already have really many channels in the server, another one is just too much, not wanting to promote any server but it's better to just tell them that there are partnered servers for multiple languages.

  • It's a good moral idea but we have dedicated ourselves as a english only server. We already have other servers dedicated to their own language and we have no need to make extra channels with other languages. Not only do we need more moderators but we need more admins that are bilingual. This is really inefficient in terms of using our time properly to manage this server. We had multiple ruled in the past stating that we are an english on server. Even in vc, people who speak other languages are generally moved to their own vc. I will have to say no. Not in disrespect but out of our guidelines in the past. Leave the other servers that are dedicated to their own language to manage their community. We can partner with them but we cannot promise them that we will instantly understand them if they joined the server.

  • Closed: Resolved in which that Warframe, our Warframe server is already an english based server.