Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.5

  • Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.5


    • Added a hint below the Focus Capacity bar for how to drag the screen in order to view Focus nodes.

    **General Plains of Eidolon Changes **

    • Bait Blueprints are now reusable!
    • Adjusted the hitbox of Iradite objects.
    • Increased the chance of certain Fish to spawn when the correct Bait is used.
    • Changed the name of the Dual Krohkur to Twin Krohkur.
    • Reduced the Fish catch sounds.
    • Improved enemy spawn points and navigation in the Plains.
    • Increased the damage of the basic Amp given to Operators.
    • You can no longer purchase more Focus capacity than is needed to set every node active on a fully maxed tree.
    • Optimizations towards Mining.

    Gara Changes


    • Fixed Sentient Shards sometimes spawning under the terrain.
    • Fixed not being able to progress the Plains Prospector achievement.
    • Fixed sometimes matchmaking with players doing Bounties when loading into the Plains. Matchmaking should match you with other players who are roaming around doing Incursions as opposed to Bounties.
    • Fixed leaving the Plains and returning to Cetus as the Operator results in the End Of Mission screen being blank.
    • Fixed Pyrol and Azurite being rarer than intended and Coprun and Devar being more likely than intended. They should now be equally as likely.
    • Fixed the Host crashing upon initiating Law of Retribution.
    • Fixed Drone Hijack spawning unrestricted quantities of enemies.
    • Fixed Syndicate Daily Standing limit reduction not being compensated for title cap, if the title cap leaves you with exactly 0 Standing gains.
    • Fixed being able to fly into one of the sections that you're supposed to walk in during The War Within.
    • Fixed Tusk Reavers not using one of their jetpack maneuvers,
    • Fixed Tusk Reavers doing their jetpack smash even when jetpack was destroyed.
    • Fixed progression stopper when going into the Plains from Cetus while holding TAB (having the quick view End of Mission up).
    • Fixed Transference being disabled for all squad players when only one player is in between the Cetus doors.
    • Fixed Zaw Rivens sometimes being shown as a generic Melee Riven.
    • Fixed Chat linking Zaw Rivens sometimes being shown as a generic Melee Mod.
    • Fixed being able to start the Saya’s Vigil quest while in a group (Quest is Solo).
    • Fixed incorrect Gem Icons.
    • Fixed the day/night cycle on Cetus affecting skyboxes in other procedural levels.
    • Fixed Operator hair not being visible when wearing an Ostron Mask.
    • Fixed Nidus HUD not updating after respawning.
    • Fixed weapon reticle remaining when using Scanners in Sky Archwing.
    • Fixed Sniper reticles in Sky Archwing partially vanishing when aiming.
    • Fixed being able to equip the incorrect holster on Zaws.
    • Fixed a crash when returning from Plains if a squadmate connects/disconnects while rest of squad is waiting for the gates to open.
    • Fixed Warframe invincibility in the Simulacrum not applying to Operators if they haven't been spawned yet.
    • Fixed some hitching occurring in Cetus related to vendor dialog.
    • Fixed a never ending looping reload animation when in Sky Archwing.
    • Fixed Captain Vor’s mission information not listing his name.
    • Fixed a crash when entering the Plains.

    Conclave Changes

    • Increased the damage of the Krohkur in Conclave.