Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.8

  • Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.8

    General Plains of Eidolon Changes

    • Added the option to redeem Brilliant Eidolon Shards for 25,000 standing each.
    • Made the Resource Theft bounty objective count as a success when the defense timer finishes, as a workaround for the armoured vault not opening. (still working on a proper fix!)
    • Made the “abandoning mission” trigger more aware of verticality - hopefully fewer fails when flying in from high above the objective!


    • Fixed Convergence orbs spawning in the air.
    • Fixed Unairu’s Magnetic Blast not dissipating on enemy death.
    • Fixed Unairu’s Void Shadow description to be more accurate.
    • Fixed an issue where using Transference would deactivate invisibility powers
    • Fixed a progression stopper with the Kin rankup requirements in Cetus.
    • Fixed an exploit allowing use of baits you don’t own.
    • Fixed an exploit for rapidly gaining affinity on Amps.
    • Fixed an issue where Blazing Chakram could escape the boundaries of the Plains.
    • Fixed amp affinity gain not properly appearing in the mission progress screen or Liset mission results screen.
    • Fixed a soft lock caused by equipping a Virtuos Arcane on an Amp.
    • Fixed hitches when equipping an Amp.
    • Fixed hitches when equipping a new modular weapon (Zaw) in the arsenal.
    • Fixed a placeholder tag that appeared when using the Volnus.
    • Fixed the Viper Wraith not being tradeable.
    • Fixed host avatars appearing invisible to clients when using the simulacrum arsenal.
    • Fixed Gladiator Resolve appearing in two different bounty reward tables.
    • Further fixes to masks regarding hair and textures.
    • Various crash fixes.


    • Altered Zenurik’s Energizing Dash bubble to look less like Sapping Osprey mines.