Open letter to the moderation team.

  • So after more than 2 months of my appeal being open it's clear that it's being ignored. One of you were nice enough to let me know what was going on because I wanted to know why the process was taking so long. The mod I spoke to made it clear that there's is a negative bias towards for me for whatever reason. I asked for specifics and all this person was able to tell me was that other mods thought I was ''cancer in voice chats.'' I don't know what I did to garner such negative bias. I would like a chance to fix it, but it looks like nobody is willing to give me another chance. I really want to be better at interacting with people online, and I am sorry for whatever things I've done to make people hate me so much, but is it fair to cut me off from a whole community because of my poor online social skills?

    I've seen some really crass people say some pretty vulgar things in voice chat and they've gotten nothing more than warnings. I just want another chance to show that I can be a positive part of the server, so I'm asking that the mods take another look at my appeal and reconsider their decision. If the decision is still the same, then no hard feelings and I wish you all luck in your future endeavors. Sorry if this is the wrong section for this, I didn't know where else to post it.



    Hi SuperChan, when you messaged me a few days ago on Warframe, I was in the middle of a convention and couldn't respond to messages at that time. I'll be reviewing your case with the team again today.

  • Thank you. I don't know if ya'll got around to reviewing my case again but I just ask that ya'll look at my updated appeal before making any decisions.

  • @Tobiah
    Hey, this is just a quick response to a misunderstanding on my last ban appeal. The misunderstanding is the comment in the quotations below.

    "At the time, I'd been moderating the server for at least 8 months, so the voice excuse doesn't fly"
    You weren't the one in voice that told me to cease discussion, it was Khrinoc, who I wasn't familiar with at the time.

    Also, I never said any kind of racist or hate speech remarks towards a moderator or anybody, this is heresy. I just want to rejoin the community and would do whatever it takes to be able to.


    I think you mean hearsay, and I was in the room at the time, as well.