Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.2.2

  • Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.2.2


    • Operators can now always Transference to their Warframe while in air, but Warframes can only Transference to Operator once while in the air.
    • Convergence Orbs are now more lenient in Endless missions, and spawn at a position relative to the objective instead of the player. Orbs are also more combat-focused so that they are more likely to spawn as soon as the chance from a kill succeeds (before there could be short delays).

    **Fixes: **

    • Fixed a progression stopper where Vor was invincible.
    • Fixed the Sigma and Octantis not shrinking when in your Orbiter.
    • Fixed the Teralyst not casting a shadow. And just like that, spring came early!
    • Fixed a crash in Captura when Dynamic Resolution is enabled.
    • Fixed a crash when launching The Index.
    • Fixed a script error when attempting to research a Blueprint in the Dojo.
    • Fixed a script error when a Host migration occurred that resulted in breaking Spear fishing for the new Host.
    • Fixed an ‘Excalinyx’ appearing in the diorama of the Nyx Nemesis Complete Bundle.
    • Fixed a functionality loss when attempting to change Operator Hood after returning from Cetus.