Better late than never!

  • So, the vast majority of you are already quite familiar with me. I'm iPathos, the Kooky Kuva Kiwi. This very much describes who I've been for the past six to twelve months - I mostly deal in the #riven-hub channel, and otherwise support the Warframe Discord as an Administrator, Tenno-of-two-years, and as a Junior Guide of the Lotus for the Oceania region. Once I started Warframe, I knew I'd found something special. Even now, more than 24 months on, it still pushes all the right buttons for me.

    All of that without even getting started on the amazing community. So many aspects of the Warframe Community are things of awe, so uncommon in such vast quantities. This is also why since I first became a Welcomer for the server back in May of 2016, I've never left for more than a couple of weeks. (and even then was for a vacation!)

    Questions are always welcome, I will endeavor to answer them as best and as quickly as I can.

    Farm and Fashionframe on, Tenno!