It doesn't add up

  • Hi I been for so you say so,sexist and saying a person sounds like a child. The sexist part was abut hulhu but he was in the chat when I said he was a female but he didn't say hey man can you stop. He just banned me.

  • As much as I joked along with it at first, it continued and it got rather annoying to not just me, but also others within channels. The hour-and-a-half long "Guess the Gender" game was something that should've ended after minute one.

    Along with this, other reasons you were banned were: Rude conduct, racist remarks, Moderator bashing and ban evasion on multiple cases. Rude conduct on picking on a user and disruption of VC, racist remarks on you being one of the several people who would say the N Word in VC, something that we don't allow anyone to say at all on the server, no matter the context. And ban evasion, as you've decided to make multiple alt accounts to just show up and bash on the Mods for doing their jobs.

    Your case does not look well, I can tell you that much, and we will continue to do our job as we have.

    And FYI, this is no ban appeal, so don't make posts like this within our ban appeals subject, and if you were to, follow the listed example.

  • @cutethulhu hmm but I never did mod bashing with anyone in the chat you was ease dropping on the Convo but ok. I lost all respect for you


    Regardless of how you feel about them, you should still follow the prescribed format. Feel free to reappeal in 2 weeks and use the correct format.