Ban Appeal v2.0

  • It makes it hard to engage in a discussion if topic gets closed as soon as a reply without a rebuttal.

    I didnt drop the H.
    In a sense I dont have the Hyperactivity displayed physically in terms of verbal movements.
    From that sense it means you lack the knowledge upon the whole thing behind Adults being diagnosed with ADD as an adult; lacking the resource and therapy that early-diagnosis patients would have.

    From the response given from @Tobiah it seems rather ignorant and to assume that i have ready access ways to curb my ailments but choosing not to.

    Have you tried living in a 3rd world country? Do you know how it feels that I have to keep my ailments between me and my parents and siblings only because of the social stigma i'd have for having any form of mental illness? You think I'd have the readied Medical seeking advice at my disposal.. When im living in a country where doctors were justified removing a toddler's eyeball because of a fever and blaming the parent's of said toddler for being poor.

    Any form of social boundaries on sensitivity have become a rather grey view to me since whats socially acceptable here is quite the opposite of first world countries.
    I mean I still have a strong grasp of the EXTREMETIES of whats not acceptable and what is.

    How am I supposed to keep up with whats sensitive and whats not? when each passing day it seems US communities become more and more and more sensitive about the littlest of things?
    I mean I have people shoving down my throat that "Islam is a Religion of Peace" despite surviving an ethnic cleansing in 1998. and people who've never been through such events are lecturing me about sensitivity?

    Jeezus man,
    It seems like most of you are quite obtuse and act as if small minor issues like changing topics or posting anime memes are like some affront to social standards (I mean lets face it, Bronies and Furries are where we draw the line)

    I mean ignoring that rant paragraphs above, and having that momentary breather.
    I just want to say, most of what i post and type and suggestive are based on my understanding of what are the "Socially Acceptable" boundaries on posting in a PG13 site... from 2009.

    Lets just say, from an outside-US perspective, 2012-2017 you guys dropped the ball on the whole sensitivity thing. A Green Frog meme = Hate Speech? what?


    Yes, calling someone ignorant helps get your point across.

    1. Ban appeals can be no less than 2 weeks apart.
    2. Don't insult people just because they point out flaws in your argument.
    3. It is standard practice on these threads to close them so that you would normally give yourself time to think instead of making another post like this.
    4. Making this a religious or social topic is not the point. You fell back to blaming your condition. As someone similarly diagnosed and well versed in these matters, I pointed out the flaws in that argument and how it does not gloss over what you did.
    5. No one is asking you to keep up with what is "sensitive" persay, simply that if you are asked to stop by a member of the moderation team, or, honestly anyone, that you stop. This is common courtesy, not something specific to our server.
    6. Many of our members and staff are not from the United States, and making that assumption simply calls to mind how far you are reaching. Please reconsider before more precise actions need to be taken to prevent this kind of outright unkindness towards myself and my team.