Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.3.2

  • Changes:

    • Removed “Clear Remaining..” stage of the Operation.
    • Increased likelihood of encountering Infested in the Plains.
    • Reduced chance to receive Lens from Operation Bounty.


    • Fixed roll breaking Ivara’s Prowl.
    • Fixed another common crash during the Operation.
    • Fixed console being invisible for Clients in the Operation.
    • Fixed script error that could occur when using Hydroid’s Undertow.
    • Fixed Infested pods in the Operation not showing VFX when destroyed.
    • Fixed a potential script error in Landing Craft.
    • Fixed a script error that could occur for clients during the Operation.
    • Fixed rescanning fish statuettes granting additional trophies.
    • Fixed reactor flickering in Sabotage.
    • Fixed Infested Scream FX now showing for Clients.
    • Various common crashes were fixed.