Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.3.4

  • Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.3.4

    Operation: Plague Star Changes:
    The Standing required to rank up the Operational Supply Syndicate is currently much higher than we initially intended. We will be decreasing the Standing requirements to their intended values and also updating the Sacrifice requirements. New Standing requirements:

    • Rank 1 = 1000 Standing
    • Rank 2 = 3000 Standing
    • Rank 3 = 6000 Standing

    ***Players who have already attained sufficient Standing for the corrected values will be automatically ranked up and the excess Standing will be refunded. **

    We are also running a script to refund the component portion of Operational Supply Sacrifices  and updating the Sacrifice requirements (Note: Credit costs will not be refunded). If you are automatically ranked up due to the Standing changes, you will not have to pay these new Sacrifice requirements:

    • The 2x Neurodes Sacrifice to Collaborator has been replaced with 10x Grokdrul.
    • The Forma Sacrifice to Defender has been replaced with 10x Iradite.
    • The Mutagen Sample Sacrifice to Champion has been replaced with 10x Nistlebrush.

    Full info here:


    • Adjusted the weapon trail FX on the Plague Keewar.
    • Reduced the Magus Husk from 7100 to 710 Cryotic per item.
    • Reduced the Magus Elevate from 2300 to 230 Oxium per craft.

    *We are running a script to refund the above differences to as many people as possible, but we only have 30 days of history (Since October 17). Apologies to those missed but we're confident we'll get as many people as possible. This script digs back through time quite a bit, and we expect it to run over night and for refunds to be given tomorrow (November 17).

    Operation: Plague Star Fixes:

    • Fixes towards the Plague Star Bounty failing on Stage 2.
    • Fixes towards the hijacked Drone getting stuck while navigating to the boil.
    • Fixed Infested drop pods spawning far away or on top of the boil.
    • Fixed the Infested Catalyst not being Chat linkable for those that own it.


    • Fixed a crash when attempting to return to Cetus from the Plains.
    • Fixed launching yourself at a weird angle when attempting to aim dodge backflip with sprint/roll key combination while using a scoped weapon.
    • Fixed not being able to hear the ambient Corpus Ship announcer.
    • Fixed the Defection unique Charger not being listed properly in the Codex.
    • Fixed a level hole in a some of the Plain Caves.
    • Fixed flickering water in some of the Plain Caves.
    • Fixed some of Konzu’s transmission text being a filepath.