Get rid of Excess bots, update/consolidate channels, remove excess roles



    • Discord.RSS
    • HepBot Beta
    • Mee6 (unless it's desired for levels)


    • #2017-giveaway
    • #tenno-support (let people ask in #general), or combine with #psa-bugs
    • #conclave-lunaro (it's part of the game, let's keep it part of the main discussion)
    • Current post in #giveaways links to old forum. It should be updated
    • #filthyweebs - either update so it doesn't connote NSFW, or merge with #off-topic, since they're similar in ultimate purpose.
    • #music - combine with #botspam, since you're spamming bots anyway.


    • Illuminati (◬)
    • Selfie Primed (no longer has meaning)
    • <@&293601636771692547>
    • DLM (Unless it's still being used for mod training)

  • Music should be kept due do people actually scrolling back to look at old queues. Added with an amazing track record of keeping music requests and bot spam separated.
    We will ask the tennoguides of their opinons to combine the tenno support and general due to the lack of activity in tennosupport.
    Filthy Weebs has never had an nsfw problem unless we were intorduced to a spammer. All channels in the server falls under the rules of the server in "about this server"
    Conclave/Lunaro can be combined with general but people will rarely talk about conclave anyways. This topic if combined with General could be almost ignored completely in general. I will ask the opinions of the conclavers of their opinion on it.
    Giveaways will be updated.

    Bots will be looked at and those that are not used shall be kicked.

    Illuminati Role has no purpose but it can be seen as a joke/useless role. Will ask those who still have it if we can delete it. Selfie primed will be removed.


    Music: Makes sense, it just tends to end up as a music discussion, which is usually among the people in the music chat already.
    Channels can be searched on mobile and desktop, which will do just as well as scrolling up to find queues.

    Filthy weebs: the name change suggestion is more to make it sound less like a stigma.

  • We can tag this as "planned" as some of this is in planning or still being discussed/planned.

    #2017-giveaway has been removed and an update has been posted in #giveaways in regards to the status of that giveaway

  • Closing Suggestion: Resolved

  • Just chiming in quickly.
    conclave-lunaro has been removed, filthy-weebs has been updated.

    We've decided to leave music and we are waiting to hear feedback on tenno-support since that channel is still active and some Guides use it to help others when #general (now warframe-discussion) gets busy.

    The bots and roles will be cleaned up this week.