Captura/general screenshot channel

  • There was small discussion about this few weeks ago about upcoming Captura/photobooth mode. Iirc previous administration was planning to do something about it but not sure.

    Basically there are some worries that #fashion-frame could be spammed with unrelated and/or low effort "cool" screenshots that either completely don't show any frame(say, just a pic of enemies/nature) or shown frames are in poor lighting/position so fashionframe(can't see colors in darkness, armor pieces/sigils are hidden) is very unclear. Not related to general #ff shitposting like max bloom fashionframe tho :v

    Imo there could be a new channel for this or a stricter rule for #fashion-frame to move content like this to #off-topic.

    And yeah, "fashionframe" is very subjective and no one knows if there will even be any "spam" related to Captura so whatevers.

    Totally not because I'm fashionframe elitist

  • #Fashion Frame is already used for capturas 😁 It's a nice suggestion but it's more of a hassle if we add too many channels for the moderators to moderate. It's very cool! Thank you for the suggestion.

  • I made this suggestion before Captura update. And yes, it's pretty full of no fashion posts now but whetever, just gonna avoid it.