Ban Appeal? Sorry btw

  • Discord Username: Doomester#9937
    Discord ID: 287709987860381696
    Date/Time when ban was issued: 20:16 GMT+0 08/12/2017
    Reason given (if any) for the ban: According to Snazman, "racial slurs/posting lewd image"
    Warnings received prior to the ban: I didn't get any warning
    Team member who issued the ban: @Snazman (sorry for pinging)
    Explain why we should lift the ban: I wasn't given a warning, if so or not, I'm really sorry for disrespecting or being rude and sending inappropriate pictures, can you please forgive me for that? 😞
    How have you changed since this happened:
    How do you plan on being different if we lift the ban: I'll try to be good person and helpful toward others, and not sending any inappropriate pictures, and respect other people 😐


    Sorry, we have several warnings listed for you, so we're gonna have to deny this. Blaming the mod for doing their job is... rather a not good move.

  • I wasn't blaming a mod but ok 😞


    | Created                    | Type    | Active | Reason                                                                                       |
    | 2017-12-08T20:16:37.018051 | ban     | yes    | racial slurs/posting lewd image in discussion                                                |
    | 2017-12-08T19:51:29.080065 | warning | yes    | posting lewd image in discussion                                                             |
    | 2017-11-30T19:27:20.820145 | warning | yes    | Warned to not use racial slurs.                                                              |
    | 2017-11-28T19:40:26.446502 | warning | yes    | Asked to not use slurs in discussion. Replacing g's with B-emoji doesn't make it not a slur. |

    you had plenty of warnings