Ban Appeal #2

  • SuperChanPrime



    August 15th, 2017. 5:25 p.m.

    Reason given was bringing up an inappropriate subject, though I feel there was an underlying reason.

    I didn't hear the first request to drop the subject, also I wasn't familiar with the mods voice in the channel as he was a fairly new moderator and the time and I've had little to no interaction with him previously. Once I realized I was asked to stop I ceased speaking about the subject, but there were other people in the channel that egged it on, which I had no control over. I was never issued any official warnings in the past, my name is never even recorded in the action log. The fact that I was immediately banned and not kicked or muted first is just weird... (Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to show the image in the post.)
    Somebody was nice enough to send me that picture showing that my name never appeared in the action log even once

    Issued by Tobiah

    People talk about weird stuff all the time in the voice chats, so I didn't know the subject I jokingly mentioned would be a issue. I'm not a disruptive person, I just go with the flow. In this instance it got me in trouble and I now know better.

    I have a better understanding of what topics are ok to broach on this discord and if anybody has an issue with something I am discussing I am empathetic and understanding enough to drop the subject and move onto something else.

    I will be more aware of how what I say effects and I will stay away from subjects that make people uncomfortable and subjects that go against the rules of the server. I just want to rejoin the community of this game I love so much. I hope you guys can find it in your hearts in this season of giving to give me another chance.

    Thank you for consideration.


    Official warnings are sent privately and not logged in public, so the search isn't gonna show anything publicly.

    | ID    | Created                    | Reason                                                                     |
    | 12588 | 2017-08-15T21:26:01.715970 | not listening to moderator discussions to cease inappropriate discussions. |
    | 11198 | 2017-08-08T00:07:23.512266 | Hate speech against Staff Member                                           |

    the first was enough to ban you, and we gave you another chance.

    At the time, I'd been moderating the server for at least 8 months, so the voice excuse doesn't fly, and if someone, moderator or otherwise, asks you to not to talk about something because you're being unkind or bringing up something against the rules, that's not something you should dismiss out of hand.

    "I go with the flow" isn't a reason to be racist or talking hate speech. Sorry, but making excuses doesn't make this any better, as has been mentioned several times.

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    In courtesy of tobiah's christmas, you have been unbanned from the warframe discord server.
    Note that your past actions will be taken in considerations for future actions.

    Welcome back !