Common questions by tenno, new and old.


    Greetings and salutations. I am The Madman, one of the many Tenno guides of this server. In order to consolidate the massive amount of normal, easy questions with quick answers we get on a day to day basis, I have chosen to write up an F.A.Q to make the Lotus proud. Without further adieu, on with the show!

    Help! I am a new player and have no idea what to do!
    First off, Welcome to Warframe! I do hope you'll have fun here in our ever growing community. As for what you should be doing, one of the first things a player should do is finish the starter quest Vor's prize. After that, you can aim to do the Venus junction. As a new player, the Junctions along the edges of a sector are going to be a life saver, giving you goals to help you ask the right questions, and more importantly finishing them gives FREE STUFF! You like free stuff. Everyone does.

    What are all these terms being thrown about?
    Alright, let me make a quick list to help you out.

    • Node: A single mission in a sector, completing it once allows you to move on to any connecting node. Based on the sector and location, these are tied to the tile set of the mission.
    • Mission: A game mode based on the "mission type" such as Spy, defense, or rescue, and a "Tile set" based off the node.
    • Sector: A Sector is a catch-all term for a location, like Earth, Venus, or Phobos. Many players call them "Planets", but I personally use the term sector due to not all of them being, well, planets. many sectors are Moons, and some are not even celestial bodies at all.
    • Star Chart: The term for the map as a whole, covering all sectors and nodes.
    • Mod: A mod is a collectable, equip-able upgrade.
      *Relay: A public space where players can gather to talk, show off their looks, and visit some NPCs and facilities.
    • Credits: Credits are the free currency found basically everywhere in missions, and are used for almost everything. Upgrading mods, buying blueprints, crafting things in the foundry... For quite some time, you are always going to have something to burn credits on.
    • Platinum: The premium currency of the game, acquired by buying it with real money or trading it off another player. Mainly used for buying slots and cosmetics.
    • Special weapon: a variant of a normal weapon with improved stats and possible addition of mechanics.
    • Quest: A series of missions connected with an overarching narrative. Typically has some sort of reward at the end.
    • Affinity: This game's term for "XP". Earned by killing enemies and completing objectives.
    • Base damage: The combined damage of a weapon after mods that improve the base, but before anything else. Elemental mods scale off this number.

    What is this EXIMUS thing it is telling me to kill?
    Eximus are a special version of a normal enemy, making it bigger, badder, and more glowing-er. Not only are they bigger, but they have some sort of modifier tacked on to them that either buffs them, their allies, or debuffs you. Leeches regen HP when they hurt you and have more Base HP then even other Eximus of their base enemy type, Arctic can spawn a snowglobe shield around them to protect themselves, and give a slowing effect to any nearby enemy.... You get the idea. As for finding the three to kill, the mobile defense on earth, node is called Eurasia.

    What is this "Plains of Eidolon" node, and how do I unlock it?/How do I reach the new open world?
    To enter and unlock the plains, you need to go into the node before it, called "Cetus". Cetus is a public relay filled with other players and NPC merchants, along with the Doorway into the plains. You need to find an NPC known as Konzu(Or fast travel to, by pressing Menu- Fast travel- Konzu). Talk with him, and he will give you a Bounty to prove yourself. Follow the Waypoints and the directions given by both Konzu and Lotus, and you will finish the bounty and unlock the Plains as a node on the star chart as a short cut to it without needing to go through Cetus.

    I can't go into a junction, despite the fact I've done all it's tasks!
    Ensure you have the pathway to the junction open by clearing the connecting node. A Junction is still a node, and follows the rules of a node.

    What is this damaged mod? Can I fix it somehow?
    Damaged mods are given out by the tutorial and some early junctions as a set of training wheels, there to help you along and get antiquated with the modding system before you grow out of them by finding or searching for the undamaged versions. And no, they can't be fixed.

    What is MR and how do I get it?
    MR stands for Mastery Rank, and it is earned by unlocking and completing challenges set by the Lotus. To unlock a challenge, you need to gain Mastery points by leveling a gear item, like a weapon, warframe, or companion For the first time. Let me stress that you only get it the first time you level something, making a new copy or using "Forma" on it do not work and will not get any more mastery points out of it. A variant, however, like Prisma or Wraith, count as a different item and thus give their own mastery points.

    Once you have enough Mastery Points, you can take a test by opening the menu and going up to your profile in the top left and selecting "Take Test". Depending on your current MR, the test is different. I will also note that there is a twenty four hour wait time between when you can take a test, pass or fail.

    Alright, now what is MR good for?
    MR is used early on to gate of some systems and weapons. As you gain MR, you'll find you can use more and more weapons, gain more syndicate standing and trades per day, hold more void traces, and other minor bonuses.

    When/how do I trade with other players?
    Once you are MR2 or higher, you can enter either your Clan Dojo, or Maroo's Bazaar on Mars to trade with other players. In a dojo, you can use a built trading post to select the name of another player in the dojo and offer a trade. In both the Dojo and Maroo's, you can hold the "Item Popup" button(What brings up emotes and the gear wheel), and select "Set up shop". You'll be given an interface to put up items to offer to anyone walking by, but if it is a planned trade with another player this can be left blank. The other player can walk up to you and trigger the trade.

    What all can I trade?
    While there are exemptions to this list, by and large it is this:

    • Mods
    • Special weapon parts, blueprints, and "Clean" weapons that have not been used at all. No affinity earned, no forma, no catalyst. What can or can not be traded can very from weapon to weapon.
    • Arcanes
    • Captura scenes
    • Platinum
    • Relics

    How do I earn new Warframes?
    The answer to this depends on the frame in question, as it does very. Fourteen are earned by farming bosses, four have parts all come from quests, the remaining have everything come from a mix of mission rewards, enemy drops, junctions, quests, relics, and the market.

    A Warframe is typically made up of four parts: Neuroptics, Chassis, Systems, and Blueprint. Once you have all of the above, you can build a complete frame(Assuming you have all the needed resources and credits).

    As one final note, the earliest frames you can build as a new player are Rhino, who has parts drop from The Jackel, boss of Venus, and Oberon, who has parts drop at a low rate from Eximus enemies. They both can be built as soon as Phobos, due to resource access limitations.

    What is a relic, and how do I get them?/Where do you get prime parts?/Forma?
    Relics are earned in a wide range of ways, typically farmed in Endless missions. Having a relic lets you run "Void fissures", normal missions with a special modifier layered on top. In these missions, enemies of the Corrupted faction, along with portals that will corrupt enemies nearby when they open, will spawn suddenly throughout the level. Killing any corrupted has a chance to drop "Reactant", collecting ten will open the relic at the end of the mission. If you open relics with other players, you will be given a choice at the end, able to pick a reward rolled by any player in the mission. Doesn't matter if they have a different relic then you, you can still pick their reward instead of yours.

    Once you pass the Mars junction, you have access to a relic refinement segment, which lets you spend the void traces earned opening relics to improve a relic, upping the odds of getting uncommon and rare rewards. As an example, a basic relic has a 76% chance of a common part, 22% chance of an uncommon, and a 2% chance of a rare. Upgraded all the way to Radiant, it becomes 50% common, 40% uncommon, and 10% rare.

    What are these rewards, exactly? Well, short answer is prime parts and Forma. The long answer is it depends on the relic. Each relic has an identifier tag, like "Lith M1" and "Neo B3" The first part sets the "Era" of the relic, and thus which fissures it can be opened in, relative difficulty of the relic, and which missions can drop it. The second part is the exact relic name, the first letter is based off the name of the rare part it can drop, the number being the order of release. A Meso O1 relic is a relic of the Meso era, able to drop "Oberon Prime Neuroptics" as the rare part, and is the first O relic of the meso era. All relics with the same name have the same potential drops.

    Who is Baro, and where can I find him?
    Baro the Void Trader is an NPC who visits relays every two weeks, staying for forty eight hours before leaving. He sells rare weapons, mods, blueprints, gear items, and cosmetics that can often only come from him. What he sells each trip is random, the only thing set in stone is the blueprint for "Sand of inaros", but he almost always has at least one Primed mod for sale.

    To buy things from him you need Ducats, a currency earned by selling prime parts to his Kiosk in a relay(Found to the left and right along the platform just above the stairs bast the big statue in the center of a relay. Can't miss them and the big clock above them), and credits.

    These same Kiosks are how you track where his is, or will be going next and when. Above the kiosk will be a timer, showing his next landing location and time until landing. He always visits one of the three relays that orbit sectors, barring Maroo's Bazaar, but which one changes each visit. But, if you lose track of him do not worry, each visit he send you an email announcing where he is, and navigation will also have an event marker for him to fast travel there if you have access to the relay.

    What are these Cephalon shards, how do I find them, and what do they do?
    Cephalon shards are big, blue glowing disks that sit on the ground in most mission types. They can often spawn behind obstructions, and in hidden rooms or forking paths. But to help find them, they show up on "Loot Radar" with their own special icon. And as a side note, one always spawns in a mission that can spawn them, and only one will ever spawn per mission.

    By using a gear item called a Codex scanner, or replacement Synthesis scanner, you can scan them to add them to the codex. By scanning enough of them, you can unlock lore entries to learn about the world of Warframe, artwork to hang in your ship using Displays bought in the Market. Rumor is, you might find a little hidden story about Ordis if you know how to look. Or was it hear?

    What is a Prosecutor, and how do I kill one?
    Prosecutors are a special grineer enemy that is only able to spawn while the alarm is on in the Shipyard tile set, found mainly in Ceres and Sedna. Lotus will give you a warning when one has spawned. Recommended mission types to find them are: Capture, Exterminate, and Assassination.

    Looking like the eximus form of grineer guardsmen, they will spawn with a shield color tied to one of the four basic elementals: Heat, Cold, Electric, and Toxic. They take next to no damage from anything that isn't their element while taking full damage from their element, with the exemption of combined elemental damage that is made up of the elemental they are weak to, such as radiation if they are weak to heat or electric, as this exemption does more then a wrong elemental but less then a pure right elemental.

    What is a a Warframe specter?
    These are a consumable item earned from Rescue missions. Building one allows you to create a copy of your currently equipped loadout, that can then be equipped in the gear wheel to be spawned as an AI companion.

    I don't seem to be doing as much damage as I need to/I seem to be dying too easily. How do I fix this?
    Mods. Mods make the world go round. Finding, installing, and upgrading mods will greatly improve your... Well, everything. Recommended mods to track down and use are:

    • Serration : Base damage rifle mod, upgrading it even to rank five or six will roughly double your damage.
    • Vitality : Health mod for warframes, ranking it up even a little can double or triple your HP.
    • Elemental mods: These can add massive amounts of damage to a weapon, on top of the damage bonuses given by using elementals a target is weak too.

    While there are many more mods to track down that you will find useful, just these handful of mods can greatly improve what you can handle. Feel free to swing by #builds to get recommended builds for your gear, and try to learn what needs what. Modding is complicated, but killing things doesn't need to be.

    Where do I find the Orokin Derelict/Lephantis?
    First, buy the key in the Market. They won't have key in the name, so go to Equipment-keys & drones to find them instead of using the search bar. then all you need to do is craft the keys, normal missions using Nav coordinates found by breaking open containers and opening lockers in other missions, Lephantis Nav coordinates are found by doing the same thing but in the Derelict.

    And, for those of you who worry out there, the key to the Boss is only burned if you finish the mission. Failing or aborting does not consume the key.

    What is this drone I need to scan for Natah and how do I find it?
    Called an Oculist, they can be found in the Sea Lab tileset on Uranus. You'll know when one has spawned by a sound like a whale's cry, and grineer bodies being littered all over the place. They will be blue, floating machine like things that will stick out like a sore thumb.

    As a side note, the more missions you run on Uranus, the higher the odds of one spawning become.