Common Forum Issues

  • A few common things you may run into on the forums:

    • Open chat pop ups have hidden "X" button on the top right. You may not see it, but you can click that top right area to close chat pop ups if you run into this issue on your browser.
    • Sounds have been disabled for everyone as they can be annoying especially if you're watching a very active thread. If you want to enable sounds, just go to your profile settings and customize it for your account.
    • We've fixed any registration issues, but if you have problems with discord oauth or manual registration, please let us know on discord so we can investigate and find the root cause in order to solve it.
    • Uploading profile pics - If you are having issues with resizing photos after upload, please make sure they are 128x128 before uploading as that size will automatically be cropped to the perfect size for the forums.

    We'll work on adding more useful, neat features to the forums over time.
    If you run into any major issue, you can report it below.