ban appeal

  • dear whoever

      i was banned recently and i would like to be unbanned

    i was "server jumping" apparently and would like to explain

    a guy (i do not remember his user id) was say give me a 'belly rub' and i was not having it,i jumped from sever to server until i saw that one was full and decided to stay there until he stopped
    a person form the server called in a admin and i got well banned we had a conversation and then he banned me.
    i do not think trying to get away from a from a weird acting person is a reason to ban me!

    sincerely #6422


    1. Please follow the format.
    2. Constantly hopping from channel to channel is a huge red flag with us for voice spammers.
    3. If you're in that situation you should disconnect from voice and immediately contact a moderator or admin, not after you hop channels.