ban appeal

  • i think its sad how you think i "used the group to do so" he was calling me shit telling me to do shit so i called him a nigger i mean you guys dont even have a #rules so how tf are we gonna know what and what not to do this mess is all on your end not mine you guys need to get the fucking discord into shape

  • First off: Don't be an asshole and call people racial slurs.
    Secondly: It's sad you came to our server to call people racial slurs.
    Third: If you want a proper ban appeal, use the correct form that's listed.
    Lastly: Take your racist shit elsewhere and shape up.

  • it cant be a racial slur if im brown can it?
    and call people are you dumb a called a person that only 1 no more no less
    if you can look down and see i made one already and it got declined
    and lastly im fucking brown how am i racist?

  • Doesn't matter if you're black, brown, silver magenta or even see-through, no use of the N Word on the server.
    That second line made no sense what-so-ever in any language.
    And anyone can be racist.