Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.8.1

  • Additions:

    • Declining an invite to Orbiter will now prevent additional invites for 15 seconds. Repeatedly declining invites will increase the 15 second duration. You’ll no longer receive stacks of invites from repeated requests.


    • Fixed missing mesh on Vahd Greaves.
    • Fixed lighting in Personal Quarters.
    • Fixed Ballistica Prime not creating proper ‘Ghost’ on Charged Attack kill.
    • Fixed operator not facing the right way when getting back in their chair after customization with a stance equipped.
    • Fixed Operator air sliding back into their seat.
    • Fixed a script error in Nidus' Larva that could prevent casting in some situations.
    • Fixed ghoul assassinate not counting kills if it started at an area previously used by a ghoul exterminate.
    • Fixed missing chat messages when people were kicked.
    • Optimized memory use in the Orbiter to help reactionary 32-bit people.
    • Fixed potential crash during host migration.
    • Fixed Blade and Gun Stencil & updated Grineer Fury for Personal Quarters.
    • Fixed only a single copy of a decoration being returned from a Vignette being returned if it contained multiples of the same type.
    • Fixed Conclave being unplayable for clients.
    • Fixed Personal Quarters using client’s favourite Warframe.
    • Fixed client not seeing lure tethers connecting to Teralyst.