Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.8.4

  • Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.8.4


    • Fixed upgraded Pet Incubator Segment not putting Pets in Stasis automatically when they're about to die.
    • Please note that we are running a ‘Resurrection Script’ to bring the recently deceased pets back to life. We will let you know when this script has been completed.
    • Fixed a progstop in The War Within quest caused by Transference being broken for players playing through for the first time.
    • Fixed a progstop in Vor’s Prize where the Arsenal Segment wouldn’t install.
    • Fixed the Tusk Command Dargyn sometimes refusing to spawn in assassinate missions and preventing you from completing the Bounty.
    • Fixed a bug when Transferring back to Rhino and casting Iron Skin that would break the Iron Skin HUD element.
    • Fixed Vauban's Shred and Concuss mines not triggering on ragdolls (e.g. when thrown into Vortex).
    • Fixed Operators not being able to instantly Void Dash via crouch+jump in some cases, particularly when using a controller and trying to do crouch+jump simultaneously because crouch normally needs to be held on controllers to enter Void Mode. Crouch still needs to be tapped to roll and held to Void Mode, but you can now crouch+jump together to instantly Void Dash instead of having to wait for crouch to work.
    • Fixed Operator Focus Stances causing strange framing of Operator transmissions.
    • Fixed Lua Defense marker not following the Defense Target after it falls through the floor.
    • Fixed weapons with an Area of Effect (Steel Meridian Justice) breaking buttons in the Lua Speed Test.
    • Fixed Grineer suddenly gaining super leg strength and jumping 20 meters as seen here:
    • Fixed the Sonicor holster remaining visible when your Warframe is invisible.
    • Fixed weapon firing sounds of Latron (and probably others) from not consistently being filtered when Loki’s Invisibility is active.
    • Fixed some Noggles being motionless in their diorama.