Ban Appeal Application Request

  • So after a year ( is it a year ? i dunno ) , i have settled my issue and now i want to appeal my ban
    Current IGN : Teemo#4003
    Reason : Banned for Being Weird | Fighting Mod ( OkniolasPrime )
    So i have explained it pretty well in the last appeal but it was denied due to the hotness from the first WF server between me and Okniolas , The reason i was banned ( re-explain ) is because i was being " weird " while the rule didn't have it and also Mod backseating without actually proof from Okniolas . Again , i have talked to Pathos about this issue and he has handled it to Okniolas and due to his behavior after i banned aswell .
    I'll admit , the last report was correct that i fought the mod in that current timeline . But the rest isn't corrected to my ban .
    I'll let you guys , the mod , decide if i am reasonable enough to return , and since i have talked to Pathos , i think he will have more explaination coming to your way . That is all .
    I'm hoping to receive your respond soon .

  • Let's see here... 'Being weird'...

    Hmm, let me add to that Backseat Moderation, literally asking to be banned 'Ban me', multiple complaints of your attitude in general, from several users, talking over people (and raid leaders), despite being asked not to. VC Moderation (See, backseat modding again) by yelling at people, stopping all conversation by doing so.

    Just a few examples of this 'Weird' behavior, yknow?

  • X
    Nope , since you are not the decision maker

  • @okniolasprime K
    You over-abused your job
    You have been complained alot
    You backseated with the reply
    I think i have seen enough of you , ta-da 😉
    I will wait till the officials to make the decision , not you since you abused enough , even Pathos talked about it , what a shame .
    Also you edited your post , ta-da .


    Teemo, at this time you will be unbanned. However, you are, for obvious reasons, still on thin ice.

    Okniolas, similarly, refrain from contacting him. There is clearly still tension between the two of you, and it happens in communities.