Tenno backstory contest

  • ok so the idea is that i would like to host on the forums a contest based around peoples tenno's .
    i wanna see a photo or drawing of your tenno as well as a short backstory, give a short description of there personality and last but not least show us there favorite frame.

    i had this idea recently would love to see some interest as i always love hearing peoples ideas about their tenno.

  • this is a potential mock up of the event post

    Tenno original character contest
    hi tenno in this contest we are going to see if your tenno has what it takes to out do your competition. This competition is going to be all about your tenno and there backstory, personality and there general favourite things.

    things that need to be included in your post include

    • a picture or drawing of your tenno
    • a short backstory of your tenno
    • a short description of your tenno's personality
    • and of course show me a picture or drawing of their favorite loadout
    • your in game and discord name

    here is an example :
    0_1516379826261_my tenno and warframe.PNG
    name : Athena

    ever since athena was little she had always had dreams of saving the universe, not knowing what future awaited her but after the accident she new life was about to get much, much stranger. years passed and many things happened. after the events of the war within she decided to stop going alone and seek help, she met her clan this way. her clan helped her with many problems, slaying almost endless waves of grineer and corpus.

    she is a somewhat shy person but those who know her find her slight obnoxious, she fights for what she cares about, the more emotional the topic the harder she fights. she is a very clever and cunning person often tricking people into helping her complete her goals. she tend to be nice to her fellow tenno but has a deep hatred for mismatching colours

    favorite loadout:

    • Ivara
    • Rakta Cernos
    • Zakti
    • glaive prime

    thanks to all that participate


    • to be announced

    p.s. she has a literal addiction to glaives


    I'd add a bit more formatting and whatnot, but I like it overall.


    @Ange_ & @Discord Moderators, let's talk about doing this for a challenge at the meeting?