Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.10.2

  • Mining buff:
    For those of you who may not have been aware, mining in the Plains has a base chance, as well as a bonus based on your accuracy, to reward a rare gem. We’ve increased both the base chance as well as the bonus for accuracy. You can tell how accurate you are by the number of gem icons that you fill up while mining. Each filled gem icon increases the total chance to receive a rare gem.

    • Now: 15% + 3% per filled gem icon
    • Previously: 10% + 2% per filled gem icon


    • Increased Specter ability cooldowns.


    • Fixed unconscious/ragdolled enemies not taking damage on clients; this was causing a wide range of gear to Weapons and Powers to be broken as well as a number of crashes.
    • Fixed Mesa Deluxe Glyph Loc.
    • Fixed Operator sometimes looking back during transmissions.
    • Fixed Larva Burst not appearing in Codex or linking in chat.
    • Fixed elevator markers sticking to the edge of the screen.
    • Fixed Metronome giving infinite buff when 2+ people activate it.
    • Fixed multiple castings of Hallowed Ground causing them to share the same duration.
    • Fixed Titania Razorwing augment adding infinite lasting buffs when casting abilities after entering and immediately exiting Razorwing.
    • Fixed Thurible animation not ending when out of energy.
    • Fixed kuva braids not disappearing after being destroyed.
    • Fixed a handful of weapons so that meleeing with them does not cancel sprint.
    • Fixed Seeking Shuriken not reducing target armor.
    • Fixed missing ankle buckle on Mesa Presidio.
    • Fixed Decoy dropping Oro in Conclave.