Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.11.1

  • Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.11.1


    Prime Vault Unsealed!

    Manipulate, incinerate and shatter your enemies with this Prime Vault Unsealed. The Prime Vault is open now on all platforms and brings back Loki Prime, Ember Prime and Frost Prime for a limited time. Returning with them are other high-demand Vaulted Prime Accessories and Weapons along with discounted Platinum in four unique packs: the Loki & Ember Dual Prime Pack, the Loki Deception Prime Pack, the Ember Fire Prime Pack, and the Frost Ice Prime Pack:

    Ember Prime, Frost Prime, Loki Prime, Wyrm Prime, Bo Prime, Sicarus Prime, Glaive Prime, Latron Prime, and Reaper Prime Relics have been added as Cetus Bounty rewards for a limited time. You can also find these limited Vaulted Relics in Relic Packs from the Market or as Syndicate rewards.
    The new Relics are:

    • Lith G2
    • Meso E1
    • Meso F3
    • Neo F1
    • Neo E1
    • Axi L1
    • Axi S2

    Why Bounties?

    We put these Relics in the Bounties not only to change it up, but to also allow for extremely focused Relic acquisition. By having these Relics concentrated in the Bounties, it also leaves the rest of the Star Chart open for placement of new Relics when the next Prime Access begins so you'll have a change of environment while keeping with the same system: hunting Primes.

    Remember, this is a 2 month unvaulting, which means these Relics have 2 months to be acquired. In that time, we will be closely monitoring how reproducible Performance issues may factor into this round and possibly revisit Relic placement. We do want to keep it the same on all Platforms so we'll need a bit of time to make changes.

    All Bounties reward rotations from tiers 2 to 5 have a Vaulted Relic in it, and be sure to check our droprates site for the latest!


    • Updated textures to the Trinity Knightess Skin at the creator's request.
    • Improved the lighting in the Market diorama.
    • Followers (Specters, Rescue Target, etc) no longer cancel charging if they switch targets while using a charging weapon.


    • Fixed the Plains door not opening when selecting a Bounty and attempting to join a squad by walking out to the Plains.
    • Fixed a progression stopping issue where Jordas would not dock properly caused by Itzal’s Blink stun effect.
    • Fixed moving Infested Spores not lowering the engine charge percentage in the Jordas Verdict.
    • Fixed Infested Spores sometimes moving incredible fast or not at all when spawned in the Jordas Verdict.
    • Fixed the Trinity Knightess and Excalibur Corpra Helmet being Arcaned.
    • Fixed Stalker going too far with the whole "I'm a badass trolling jerk" routine by initiating permanent lockdown in Void/Derelict/Lua missions.
    • Fixed Volt’s Capacitance Augment giving Shields to Operators.
    • Fixed the Zenistar not throwing out the disc when the Tengoken Skin is equipped.
    • Fixed the Corona Syandana Energy color always being blue and unable to tint it properly.
    • Fixed Oberon Prime’s Armor being rotated incorrectly when equipping the Feyarch Skin.
    • More fixes towards Extraction markers appearing in Exterminate mission when there were still enemies left to kill.
    • Fixed script error when viewing Melee weapon cosmetics when you don't have a Melee weapon in current loadout.
    • Fixed script error causing permanent Invisibility for Loki if the Invisibility expires while using Operator.
    • Fixed Lanka not being able to hit ragdolls.
    • Fixed enemies not shooting Octavia’s Mallet+Resonator combo if they were following the ball first before starting aggro from Mallet.
    • Fixed completing Konzu’s first Plains quest resulting in the objective marker pointing the Plains after returning to Cetus.
    • Fixed the Chat window auto switching to Cetus instance tab rather than squad chat when returning from Plains to Cetus.
    • Fixed reload circle turning blue after using a Charge trigger type weapon (Drakgoon, Rakta Cernos, etc). The intended color is white when reloading.