Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.12.3

  • Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.12.3

    *Please note that we’re aware of the following issue and have a fix for our next Hotfix:
    Index missions in the Glast Gambit quest rewarding the wrong amount of credits, resulting in players losing credits even when winning

    Zephyr Changes and Fixes:
    As mentioned in Update 22.12.0, we prefaced Zephyr’s new Air Burst ability with a note that it may be tweaked after feedback - and here we are! To retain her aerodynamic synergy, we’ve tweaked the following:

    • Energy cost of Zephyr’s Air Burst is now halved while in air.
    • Increased the speed of Zephyr’s Air Burst projectile.
    • Increased the speed of Zephyr’s Tornado tracking to move quicker to your aim point.
    • Removed Zephyr’s Turbulence loop sound and lowered hover loop volume.
    • Fixed a crash when killing a Volatile Runner (or enemy that exploded on death) trapped inside Zephyr's Tornado by shooting the Tornado.
    • Fixed Zephyr’s Air Burst not increasing the size of your Tornado as a Client.

    Atlas Change:

    • Reduced the decay rate of Atlas’ Rubble by half.


    • Changed the Zhuge’s Critical Chance to the intended 20%.
    • Toned down the explosion and smokey VFX when firing an Operator Amp.
    • Slight spacing adjustment to Relic opening/Riven unveil UI so they're all the same spacing.
    • Somachord volume setting is now saved across all sessions.
    • Minor sound remastering updates have been made to the following weapons:
      • Tigris / Tigris Prime / Sancti Tigris
      • Boltor / Boltor Prime
      • Latron / Latron Wraith / Latron Prime
      • Snipetron Vandal
      • Rubico


    • Fixes towards crashing when flying a Dargyn.
    • Fixed Assassination Bounty stages not progressing when killing the Commander very quickly.
    • Fixed Squad UI losing functionality when anyone leaves your Squad when in your Orbiter.
    • Fixed Squad UI being left in weird "Waiting for Players / Clear Voting" state (instead of "Waiting For Players / Cancel Mission") when failing to join a Public session.
    • Fixed the Teralyst being able to kick around pick-ups and potentially push them through the ground.
    • Fixed not being able to pick up Index points as a Client if the pick-up was too far away from you from the Host's point of view.
    • Fixed switching to Operator and back causing some abilities (e.g. Fireball, Vauban 1/3/4) to cost twice as much Energy.
    • Fixed Enemies petrified by Atlas’ Path of Statues Augment Mod not dropping Rubble.
    • Fixed the Arcane Arachne damage increase not resetting when shooting the ground
    • Fixed all Teralyst variants not attacking players in Dargyns.
    • Fixed Shotgun Rivens generating a challenge for killing Dargyns with a Bow.
    • Fixed Vauban’s Bounce trap sending victims horizontal instead of straight up.
    • Fixed the Scourge appearing to be rotated incorrectly when viewed on a surface
    • Fixed Mirage Prime's materials looking muddy during Eclipse in the dark.
    • Fixed not being able to see your Pets fur patterns in the Appearance screen when you first open the Arsenal.
    • Fixed Clients not having their melee combo counter increased for Ash’s clones hitting enemies in Bladestorm.
    • Fixed navigation bug causing AI to get stuck in certain situations.
    • Fixed the player flashlight being too dim.
    • Fixed excessively bright fog in your Liset.
    • Fixed a script error that could occur when Mining.
    • Fixed a script error when casting Atlas’ Tectonics.
    • Fixed a script error when casting Mirage Prime’s Hall of Mirrors.
    • Fixed a script error when casting Ash’s Bladestorm.
    • Fixed a script error when using Transference as Equinox.
    • Fixed a script error when deleting all read messages at the same time a message transmission pops up.
    • Fixed the Kuva Siphon sometimes missing shadows.
    • Fixed Riven unveil diorama being offset to the side.
    • Fixed cases of empty names appearing when joining an Instance.
    • Fixes for unintended changes to kill shot and headshot sounds.
    • Fixed missing Liset ‘fly in’ sounds as reported here:
    • Fixed poor lighting during Vor’s Prize cutscenes.
    • Fixed Display descriptions exceeding the UI boundaries.