Challenge 11: Tyl Regor Poem

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    Now for the Challenge

    We're all aware of Tyl Regor, the melodically voiced scientist that's out to not just tube some men but ring a bell made from your thin, tin skull. I'm sure we've all got some feelings about him, some being good and others bad.
    Do your best to express those feelings through poetry!
    Make some Poems anyway you like (No NSFW please) Post them as a reply below!
    Good luck!

  • Once on a tube sat a man and I asked him "why are you sitting on a tube" he answered "I am a Tubeman and this is my home"
    at that moment I realized I've spent more than enough time on a game and weird substances.

  • First time in my life that I write poetry in english (I'm a frenchie :v ) Deva#3242

    Hey Tyl, I guess you’re getting old
    You might need to be updated
    Suggesting a rework might be bold
    But you ain’t the most underrated

    I guess your creator can’t touch this
    Cuz “It’s Hammer Time”
    With you the fomorian will end in the abyss
    But you know, loving water ain’t a crime 🤷🏼♂

    I never saw what was inside a Warframe
    But I’m pretty sure it ain’t worms, lizards or leeches
    Maybe for you, all life forms are all the same
    But you know, maybe they should rework your speeches

    But even that legless parrot has something that you’ll never have
    He has the spotlight that you always wanted
    And he got Dr. Tengus for science, I guess he can thank him for his cybernetic calves
    But please my Dear Regor, from all those things I said please don’t be haunted