Challenge 22: Is that a Punnnnnnn?

  • Rules:

    1. Any judged challenges (fashionframe, contests requiring judges, and pretty much anything that has to make admins or mods choose between entries) cannot be entered by and staff members. Any challenges that require raw skill, anyone can join.
    2. Any challenges that require you to upload a video, must be uploaded to YouTube.
    3. Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated.
    4. Please no low effort replies or anything that says "good luck". These threads are made for entries to each challenge, not for comments on the challenge. Posts will be deleted, and you will be warned.
    5. Only one person can enter per challenge, group submissions are allowed. Note however that multiple people submitting the same entry, will result in any entries after the first being deleted.
    6. These rules can be changed or edited at any time by the admins. Each giveaway will have its own rules of course. These are global rules.
    7. Use common sense. If you think it's not allowed or cheating. It probably is.
    8. Upload the files of your entry directly to the forums with the "Upload a File" button next to the reply button, rather than leaving links. If your image vanishes from a sharing site come judgement time, you're disqualified.

    Now for the Challenge

    Your job is to create the most Streamlined of warframe jokes or puns
    One pun/joke per person so make it count!
    The best ( I mean worst) wins!

  • ♠Kaminaze#8640
    Don't you hate it when you wake up, you check your inventory and your crystals argon?

  • Everyday i wake up and look in the mirror and tell myself, "I can't do this" and i enter bleed out mode. Zay#3688

  • A friend of mine: Hey is a Helmith Charger expensive?
    Me: Nah, they only

  • Whatever ghoul, ancient or nullifier this world may throw at me, I will
    0_1519460810866_endurall of it.pngll
    of it.


  • SilentSiren#0069
    Only allowed one pun? Kohm on there are so many good ones you could make a paragraph!

  • You do not have an Ash.You should be ashamed.

  • Patchi#1812
    Baro unvolted Volt Prime? How shocking!