Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.4

  • Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.4

    Beam Weapon Changes and Fixes:

    • Increased the Beam weapon Damage ramp up time from 0.8 to 1 second.
    • Fixed Beam weapon Damage ramp up not happening per target.
    • Convectrix Alt Fire beams now continuously sweep back and forth.
    • Fixed the Convectrix showing different Ammo types between fire modes. (Alt-fire is now using Shotgun shells like Primary fire)
    • Fixed Convectrix beams visually crossing each other.
    • Panthera Alt Fire now consumes 1 Ammo instead of 4.
    • Fixed the Panthera Alt Fire consuming Ammo when hitting surfaces other than enemies.

    Advanced Plains Map Changes for Controller Interactions:

    • Right analog stick now controls Map zoom.
    • Left analog stick now controls Map pan.

    Invasion Changes:
    With the precedent already set from Fissure missions for rewarding per normal endless cycle, Invasions felt strenuous due to their lengthy mission completion requirements. Considering there are other “faster” mission types available to get your reward and get out, it was time to cut back a bit on the way 'endless' variants work within the system. As a result, the following mission completion requirements have been scaled back:

    • Defense from 10 waves to 5 waves
    • Survival from 10 minutes to 5 minutes
    • Interception from 2 rounds to 1 round
    • Excavation from 1000 Cryotic to 500 Cryotic


    • Improved and enhanced audio feedback when hitting enemies with Beam weapons.
    • Improved Eidolon Lure following/positioning logic to prevent them getting right up in your face and disrupting your view.
    • Swapped the mesh of the Gantulyst dome Shield to solve collision issues with certain projectile types when shooting inside.
    • Enabled near culling on Eidolon bushes to reduce visual clutter during combat. You will now notice foliage fading from view when in the thick of it.
    • Disabled special Idle animations when customizing your Warframe Appearance in Arsenal. If a special animation is running when you enter the Appearance screen, it will continue until it's done and further special idle animations will not be played.
    • Removed the “while sliding” and “undetected” requirement for the "Kill X Dargyns with a Bow" Riven challenge to alleviate some frustrations. Any existing challenges with this requirement will revert into one without it.
    • Drivable Dargyns that are commandeered by Pilots now count towards the "Kill X Dargyns with a Bow" Riven challenge.
    • Restored the weapon trails that were removed from the greatsword/heavy blade Tennogen skins.
    • Picking up a Cetus Wisp will now display the same special UI message like when you pick up an Argon Crystal.
    • The Solida Syandana now has a visual ‘barrel spin’ animation.
    • Changed Archwing Pursuit rewards to be one static drop table instead of rotations that never really functioned.


    • Fixed losing gained Affinity on your Pet/Sentinel if you leave the Plains as the Operator.
    • Fixed Arcanes working inconsistently on Exalted Abilities (Excalibur’s Exalted Blade, etc) or Weapon Abilities (Titania’s Razorwing, etc).
    • Fixed Sentients encountered in Octavia’s Anthem quest dropping unintended rewards. Only Sentients encountered in normal gameplay situations are intended to drop rewards like Sentient Cores, Mods, etc.
    • Fixed not respawning in The Index if you die just as the Wager is met as reported here:
    • Fixed losing your Credit investment in The Index if you win the match but don’t meet the Wager target. It now matches the UI description as reported here:
    • Fixed the Panthera Primary Fire displaying fall-off damage stats in the Arsenal when the projectile doesn’t actually have fall-off damage.
    • Fixed Ammo not being consumed when reloading the Strun and Transferring to the Operator simultaneously.
    • Fixed some issues reported with the Hema Ammo mechanic. Essentially increasing Clip size Mods or reducing max Ammo Mods would affect the Ammo pool leading to incomplete clip reloads. Also, the Ammo pool could get into a bad state if you were knocked back/down while in the reload animation.
    • Fixed Focus Lens icons not displaying the respective Focus symbol inside the Lens.
    • Fixed overlapping UI popup when collecting rewards dropped from the Teralysts.
    • Fixed Melee weapons that are lit with an Elemental FX appearing to have hard visual edges (commonly seen in dark lit environments like the Orokin Derelict).
    • Fixed cases where customizing your Warframe Appearance in the Arsenal can cause the Warframe to leave the unarmed state.
    • Fixed some TennoGen items having a giftable option in the Market. Upon selecting this it would fail and not charge you the respective Platinum.
    • Fixed cases where the Tarna Planter Decoration would disappear.
    • Fixed Pigments not appearing when attempting to search them in the Inventory menu.
    • Fixed the Chat cursor falling behind or forward if text is scaled above 100.
    • Fixed a script error while in Captura.

    Conclave Changes:

    • Reduced the Damage of all Beam weapons in Conclave.
    • Reduced the Damage of the AkJagara in Conclave.

    *Please note that we are aware of reported Sarpa issues, and are working to reproduce and resolve those.