Challenge 32: Vey Hek love letter

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    Now for the Challenge

    Vay Hek Love Letter - Okay not actually. Basically you write a full paragraph (or a fully structured essay) about how amazing Vay Hek is. It can go into the slightly more loving aspect of Vay Hek, but it should be moreso about why he's a great leader. Feel free to dive into the lore. This letter should be riddled with jokes and obvious funny moments, and completely serious letters will probably not be considered. Sarcasm is key.
    Please format and write the essay in replies to this post, rather than linking to Google Docs or something. Google docs or other text editor links will not be accepted. A long poem may also be accepted, depending on it's value.
    Longer doesn't always mean better, but if you want it to be a full sized essay, we will be glad to read it, just keep us engaged!
    Good luck Tenno!
    May Hek be with you.

  • Dear Vay Hek,
    Iam your biggest fan because your flying skills are amazing. Your words sound like sweet melodies from birds, just 1000times better.
    I love your head. Its so small and cute, you remind me of a cute baby. You are the right leader for those stupid grineer. They would be useless without you. The Ghouls are the best representation for your work as a leader. Knowing how to create such fat and ugly grineer has to be gift from the grineer god. Sadly they dont have legs like you, they dont have chicken feets like you. But hey, you are our only chicken out there. You are the chicken commander of the grineer.
    Back in the time where you were the old way hek, the man without your weapons you didnt get your respect. Now you get your respect with those sweet purpel magnetic lasers. Not even the tenno can do something if you tickle them with those sweet lasers.
    Only you were abel to capture the Plains of Eidolon for the grineer. Only the real commander of the grineer is good enough to spread bugs over a big area. You know how to stop the Tenno. Dont fight them, let other things annoy them so much so they just run away by themself.

    I could say a million things about you and your leadership, but my words arent worth your time. I dont want to waste your time anymore.
    I hope you will stay the Chicken man for a long time. I love you Vay hek.