Second Appeal for @RedTeemo#4003 Comes With Evidence And Explaination Of Feudalism In Server Admins Systems

  • First Of All , I Want To Thanks To M-U-S-H tried to help me with the situation
    Second of all , there will be 2 parts : First will be 3 reason that i have violated and second will be the evidence to proof and to point out that Corrupted Admin will not working on this appeal and their violation to Admin's Rule
    Hello everyone , my name is RedTeemo or InfamousMushroomTM and i want to make this second appeal
    I don't want any false Server Admin like Lapis or Kuro or OkniolasPrime , etcs to work on this appeal and i MEANT it because later on in this appeal , you will see they work as a feudalism .
    1: I want to apology to OkniolasPrime for slandering him too much within the last 2 weeks of making images and recordings that directly attack his reputation ( which is in my Youtube channel )
    2: I will admit , i tried to ask RedNuker to explain to the Staff Team
    3: I have acknowledge for what i have done and i admit that i was rejoin the server earlier as Crysis .
    Those are 3 things that i have violated to the rule of about-this-server , but i want other Moderator or other Staff Member to understand what i am going to say and the reason why i did it. In the last 2 weeks , i have been spying the server and i see alot of corrupted moderators that work together to ban each invidiuals for been creepy but no intentions of hurting everyone . Also i want to comeback to prove that i am not an evil invidiuals that come to the server and destroy other's reputation ( except OkniolasPrime , which i have shown and apologied it on the top of the appeal ) .
    In the last Ban Appeal , i tried to explain that the Moderators are feudalism , but the Feudalism Admin named Lapis worked on this instead RedNuker , who can deal this in both ways .
    When i ask M-U-S-H to ask what reason that i got banned and my side of the story so she can understand , unfortunately , as M-U-S-H was expected , Lapis being feudalism again and defending her friends from me and entirely ignoring me . and she threantens me to " jail " me forever in a falsely banned ( again , i am sorry to offend Okniolas because of this ) :
    0_1490536458300_bandicam 2017-03-26 20-40-44-270.jpg
    Secondly , she made a false reason on my ban because only 14 users reported me as creepy comes with mp4 ( which is easy to be fake by another users ) and images of words and not real life threatens from me . Those evidence are falsely but she is a feudalism so she trust it , also she exaggerated that she worked in both side while actually she ignored me completely and didn't pm me .
    0_1490536735120_bandicam 2017-03-26 20-41-08-705.jpg
    0_1490536770186_bandicam 2017-03-26 20-41-23-845.jpg
    Adding : She also threating that she will not accept any of my appeals : 0_1490537434922_bandicam 2017-03-26 21-09-56-287.jpg
    Those are the reason that i comeback to proof that the Staff Member are Feudalism and cannot be trusted . I hope if other users watching this can understand what they have done to a person who got banned falsely and have no knowledge of real life rules to equip in the server .
    Also i want to apology to those 14 users that get offended by my creepiness , i want you to know that i have mentally problems in real life and sometimes i am creepy but i am trying to be nice and friendly , i don't want to hurt anyone , i hope you guys will forgive me . Thank you
    And Okniolas , i hope you will forgive me for what i did and i have privated the video that offended you incase someone will try to slandering me because of my deletes .
    Adding : M-U-S-H is a real friend of mine , he's not an alternative account . If you want , i can give him an image of him

  • @Teemo I am not rejecting this appeal but you have to know, those screenshots were

    1. Out of context
    2. You have to realize that the act of slandering is serious and will result in a life time ban
    3. I am not bias when it comes to appealing bans. We have to get both sides of infomation before doing so.
    4. Mp4 files are real and users reported you for being creepy.
    5. You're trying to appeal without apologizing to Okniolas first
    6. When you were still in the server and got warned, you did not take those warning too well and lashed out.
    7. Users not only reported you but they had screenshots, mp4 files, and other means of evidence from other users using their claims.
    8. Moderators voted to ban you in mod chat.
    9. I blocked mush due to him refusing to listen to me about my instructions. Appeal, apologise, and reform. He kept arguing against me.
    10. Making alts to avoid ban appeals is a serious ban.
    11. Feudalism is an act where a single person has power. No, we use votes to make decisions.
      An admin vote will take place now.

  • As for the Appeal , i have said you will not working on this appeal , and you had put this instantly without the Staff Team . I will ask RedNuker for this .
    Those context are the prove for your feudalism

  • 1 : Was it out of context ?
    2: Act Of Slandering is not a lifetime ban as compare to lifetime jails in that the case you are trying to slandering me and try to ban me forever
    3: You are bias enough by making instant decision without letting the whole Staff Members decide
    4: Mp4 files are false because it doesn't contain my icon showing Green if i talk
    5: Okniolas Prime has blocked me , no way i can apology to him
    6: I was acknowledge it , but those warn was falsely and i will take it seriously .
    7: Users wasn't giving alot of evidence on the warning and mostly you didn't invesigate it
    8: Moderators voted to ban but i didn't get any evidence about it
    9: Mush was doing the right duty .
    10: Alot of users has making alternatives , if that's the case
    11: Feudalism is correct as Server Admin like you has the power to ban anyone . And Votes can be faken by the Server Admin themself if they didn't record the whole agreement and not contains the subject itself :
    0_1490538407302_bandicam 2017-03-26 21-26-32-817.jpg Screenshot was taken at 9.26PM GMT+7
    I want to join to the Admin Vote to confirm that every mod are accept the ban or else your words are not the evidence to prove for what you said


    @Teemo Do you really think that we are going to create fake admin accounts to mimic a vote?

  • @Kuro
    1 Thing To Be Known 0_1490538521389_bandicam 2017-03-26 21-28-30-800.jpg
    Again , i cannot pm you as i wasn't in the server

  • @Teemo I'll show him your entire chat with Mush. Mush's action will affect you just for you to know.

  • As an individual involved in the center of this whole clusterfuck of a mess, I do not accept the apology, you aren't genuine with it nor are you admitting any of the wrongs that you've done to slander my reputation and standing within the Warframe Community, whilst you removed the video to hide the fact, it changes nothing, what's done is done, it's been saved by other people.

    I'll be closely working with Lapis and the staff of the Warframe Discord about this.

  • Subscribed to thread for entertainment, don't mind me, wasn't even here.

  • @OkniolasPrime In which return , one of your " friend " download my video , no differences .
    Also i would have guessed Lapis told you not to trust me ![0_1490539382608_bandicam 2017-03-26 21-26-32-817.jpg]0_1490539390336_bandicam 2017-03-26 21-09-56-287.jpg

  • I am letting the whole staff team decide. Okniolas rejected your apology so I do not think that I would say yes no longer. However, the staff will need to vote. I vote no.

  • @Lapis Why don't you let the community decide , i know you are feudalism already so community vote will be more secure then the Moderators vote

  • @Teemo Unlike you, I have trust in our moderators. I will not make this a community decision due to this being a moderator/admin vote.

  • @Lapis That's feudalism enough .

  • @Teemo Then why delete the video?

    If you have nothing to hide or shame?

    I always knew you were an annoyance to many people, but never had I figured you didn't have the backbone for a proper apology after trying to ruin my reputation for doing something that was my job at the time, you were warned for several things, including but not limited to: Lying, pestering people, being creepy to other users, disrupting raids and voice chats with shouting.

    As to your 'apology', if you really want me to forgive you, grow a backbone and apologize properly to all mods whom you blamed for abuse of power in DM's and in your now deleted Video.


  • And as to how I will accept the apology?
    PUBLICLY, the same way you tried to ruin my reputation, but not an apology only to me, but everyone you've slandered that was or is still part of the Moderation Team, that includes me, Lapis, Flint and Ryunden.

    If you have the backbone for it, that is.

  • Hi Teemo,

    Due to you using an alt to circumvent a ban, insulting admins in PM, and using friends to PM and argue with admins and mods after being told to be patient while the admin team discussed, all four admins have agreed to deny this appeal.

    This matter is closed, Please do not attempt to message other admins based on these decisions.

    You are free to message only me for clan-related matters, however, please leave other admins or mods alone, which includes your friend who must stop asking us about this issue.

    As this was a group decision among admins, this ban can no longer be appealed a third time. Please respect our decision.

    I am locking this thread and I am also asking anyone reading this to refrain from discussing this ban in our channels and refrain from bringing any drama into our server. Thank you.