Read Here First: How to Appeal a Ban

  • Hi everyone,

    We realize we are not perfect and sometimes we do allow second chances if we issue bans incorrectly, or if we feel as though your behavior has changed recently and you should get another chance. It is important that you remain patient, give us reasons why you should get a second chance, and allow us time to investigate your specific ban and reach a conclusion.

    First ban appeal will be handled by our admins.

    Second ban appeal for the same person will be a vote by all admins and will include feedback from moderators.

    Please follow the guidelines for posting ban appeals below. You MUST follow these guidelines and answer each question in your ban appeal in order to be considered after this date (March 27, 2017).

    If your ban appeal is denied, please allow at least 15 days before making a new ban appeal.

    Please note that trying to circumvent a ban and/or harassing admins or moderators will get your appeal denied as these are also considered breaking our rules. You must respect our server team.

    Thank you. Please answer these questions when submitting your ban appeal.

    Discord Username:
    (Note: give us your full username, including numbers, at the time the ban occurred)
    Discord ID:
    Date/Time when ban was issued:
    Reason given (if any) for the ban:
    Warnings received prior to the ban:
    Team member who issued the ban:
    Explain why we should lift the ban:
    How have you changed since this happened:
    How do you plan on being different if we lift the ban:


    If you are unsure of how to obtain your Discord ID, here's a guide:

    1. Click on the Gear to go to settings

    2. Go to the appearance tab.

    3. Enable Developer Mode

    4. Right click your name on any server and click "Copy ID"

    You should now be able to paste your ID with Ctrl+V !