Suggestions for a(n) riven auctions channel!

  • Today something special happened in #riven-hub that leads us to believe there is a need for an auctions channel!
    A spontaneous auction of a riven happened, leading to a buzz that lasted for at least 6 more hours of live-auctions of rivens.
    Only problem is that it got a bit spammy with all the enthusiastic people. But it was all in good fun, and we actually sold a whole bunch of rivens.

    To start off before making suggestions, it's probably a good idea to see how the auctions went down:
    1: The auctioneers collected riven pictures from people who wanted their rivens for sale, the sellers also submitted a minimum starting bid or a hidden reserve if they wanted. These were put in a queue.
    2: The auctioneers then opened the auction with a riven picture, mentioning the minimum opening bid and the minimum bid increment.
    3: People bid on the rivens. A commentator kept the hype up.
    4: The auctioneer makes a first and second call and closes the auction.
    5: A new auction began.

    So if we want an auctions channel, we can see we need the following:

    A - Roles:
    1: Auctioneer - leading the auctions and organizing them beforehand - we need at least a couple for timezones and all.
    2: Commentator - for extra fun / cheers - and reposting the initial info.
    3: Auctions - for people who want to be notified when a new auction is about to start. Auctioneers-only can trigger / type this ping so it stays serious.

    B - Organization / Channels:
    1: Riven-auctions/Auction house channel: where the actual auctions take place.
    2: Auctioneers channel - hidden for anybody but auctioneers & maybe commentators/advizors. This channel is where auctioneers can post the submitted rivens with their infos (seller, minimum, reserves) in the chat.
    This would then serve as a natural queue of auctions, it redistributes the 'work' & the few people in this channel can discuss if the seller has realistic expectations or not and can contact sellers to adjust their expectations. (Nobody wants to view an auction channel if nothing gets sold because people keep wanting too much).

    C - Commands / bot stuff:
    1: !auctionstart - auctioneers only - starts a filter that prevents spam that is NOT a bid. Perhaps the easiest way is to disable everyone from typing letters in the chat except the auctioneers & commentators. The rest of the people can type numbers: bids!
    2: !auctionend - auctioneers only - undoes the previous command
    3: !auctionqueue - everyone with @Auctions role - lists the queue of items up for auction.
    (we'll need to figure out how auctioneers/advizors can add to the queue)
    Eventually it'd be great if the submissions and maybe even auctions could also be automated, but what we propose so far should be a workable solution for the time being.
    Another bot idea is giving people 'rep' when they uphold their agreements and buy or sell an item - so trustworthy buyers or sellers can be recognized easily.

    D - Info (to pin in the auction channel)
    1: Type /join auctions in #botspam to be notified when an auction is about to begin.
    2: To submit a riven for auction: PM a clear picture of your riven to an Auctioneer. Also include whether you want a minimum opening bid, a hidden reserve, and make a suggestion for the minimum bidding increment.
    3: The auctioneers will provide feedback on your request if necessary (e.g. when your expectations are too high) to come to a mutual agreement that is realistic for auction.
    4: The auctioneers can deny your riven for auction if an agreement as in #3 cannot be reached. This however only happens in extreme cases.
    5: Auctions are done in chronological order of submissions. You will be notified once your lot is sold. You are to check the schedule yourself if you wish to spectate the auction of your lot.

    E - Auction Rules (to pin in the auction channel)
    1: Everyone with the @auctions tag is free to make bids during an auction. Follow the minimum bidding increment when making bids. Bids are binding and platinum only.
    2: Retracting a winning bid or sale will result in a temporary ban of this channel. Doing this again may result in a permanent ban of this channel.
    3: After winning an auction, you are to contact the seller yourself and close the deal yourself. Do not contact the auctioneers for receiving / paying your lot.
    4: You cannot bid during an auction of your own lot. If you are caught bidding on your own lot, you will lose access to this channel and forfeit your rights to future auctions.
    5: The auctioneers act as moderators of this channel, so behave appropriately and follow their instructions.
    6: The auctioneer in charge of an auction cannot make bids on the lot himself. If an auctioneer wishes to participate in the bidding, he will behave as a regular member and another auctioneer will be in charge of that auction.
    7: Have fun, get a nice riven, or make some nice plat!

    F- People (first suggestions for roles)
    1: Auctioneers: Equastro (Equastro#4195) --Turtle-- (--Turtle--#7822)
    2: Commentators: Fancy Panda (LondonUndercover#4933)

    This post was written in conjunction with several familiar faces of #riven-hub after some discussion back and forth

    Regards, Equastro

  • @equastro I think this is a great idea and would love to help either auction or help with other logistics. Instead of a temp ban from the channel I suggest that they be allowed to see the channel but not talk in it or bit on the next x number of rivens. As to make them feel bad on the stuff they missed out because they retracted the bid. Also put in a solid rule of "Only bit what you can pay for in plat." so that people don't bid to the point that they cannot pay for what they put up.

  • Hello there. First I'd like to say that it's great that we have a bot now, but there are some issues with the bot which make the auctions feel clunky and take the fun out of them. The bot itself works really well, but I think that I speak not only for myself but for others involved (in the auctions) as well when I say it takes away the fun of the auctions.
    The major issue at hand is that currently participants as well as the commentator are forced to scroll up to check the latest bids and to be able to bid. It takes out the fun in a way that the auctions seem to be less fast-paced and hyped up as they were before. Thus I'd like to reinforce the idea of creating a seperate channel to alleviate the spam on the riven-hub. The roles and their privileges/functions were already showcased suffficiently by Equastro.

    Best regards, Fancy Panda