Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.16.3

  • Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.16.3


    • You can now dodge/roll out of Zephyr’s Tail Wind hover! This change also fixes getting locked out of all other actions for the duration of Tail Wind if a dodge/roll was initiated while charging.
    • Improved enemy accuracy when attempting to attack the Lua Defense Cryopod by tweaking the Cryopod target points and surrounding cover/attacking spots.
    • Decoration Placement Push/Pull option now uses a free in/out motion instead of using a 1m grid.
    • Updated Afuris description to read "reload speed" instead of "reload time".
    • Updated Arcane Manager UI text to use singular 'AMP' and 'ZAW' instead of plural.


    • Fixed a rare crash that occurred when joining a Plains squad right when the Host attempts to return to Cetus.
    • Fixed a script error when attempting to Decorate if you used the Dojo Architect to enter Decoration Mode.
    • Fixed a script error when attempting to access the Market from the ESC menu while installing a Star in an Ayatan.
    • Fixed Decorations not always rotating smoothly on the selected axis.
    • Fixed leaderboard placement notification not appearing if you entered the top 20 from a lower position. (It would only appear if you were in the top 20 and then moved up)
    • Fixed an issue where the cursor position (in the Ayatan installation screen) wasn't accurate for PC players when using a controller.
    • Fixed grammatically text error in the Arcane Manager where it should be singular 'Warframe' instead of plural 'Warframes'.

    *We are aware and investigating a known issue where Clients appear to be dealing 0 damage to Teralyst Synovias, but in reality you ARE dealing damage, the UI is a liar.