Ban Appeal

  • Hello,
    My Discord Username is Levatat3#8357
    My Discord ID is 115975574106800132
    The Ban was Issued at 10:43AM
    The ban says that it was given to me for "Racial Slurs, Nfsw talk"
    me and a Group of others who i did not catch their names were Going to jump into an Eidolon fight, so we were in the Eidolon A Voice Chat, I was talking about how i was Banned on the Warframe Chats Because i made a comment in an argument. The context was that "Nezha was best waifu" so I said "nah man Nezha best Trap 😉" and i got banned, so i was told That i got banned because of The fact that "Trap" is a Slur,
    I have not Received any warnings before this.
    Tobiah is the Person i got the message from.
    Now, as to why you should lift the ban, Honestly I do not know, I Wasn't being rude or Directing anything at anyone, i literally just joined the discord and got banned within the same hour.
    how have I changed? i really haven't, im more Curious as to how i got booted so quickly.
    How do i plan to be Different after the ban is lifted?
    i now learned that talking about nezha is a Terrible idea Even if you're making a Joke. and that's okay.


    1. The format isn't for sentence structure, it's for ease of access to information. Please follow it.
    2. We don't warn people not to use slurs because it's in the rules and you should get used to people not taking crap just because you want to use slurs.
    3. You were banned so quickly because you have similarly done this elsewhere.
    4. Using slurs and afterward saying "you can't get triggered, it's a joke" is a terrible precedent to set to allow. If you'd like to be considered for appeal, you need to make it clear that you're not going to use slurs on the server anymore and that you understand you violated the rules.

    Have a nice day.

  • @tobiah +1 for a quick response
    wont be hearing from me again Tho
    have a nice Day


    ok. have a nice day.