Ban Appeal

  • Username: @Soilborn#6642

    Discord ID: 274263928391991297

    Date/Time: March 29th 10:55 est

    Reason for ban: "You are being banned from the Warframe Community Discord for repeated instances of posting inappropriate, sexual, or political topics." Exact subject not specified, assumed to be in response to the horse comic in #anime.

    Warnings given before ban: One kick was performed on 3/19. No other warnings come to mind.

    Team member who issued the ban: -Misan-

    Reason for lifting the ban: I like you guys. I spend a notable chunk of my day in your text channels, join you occasionally in the voice channels, and have given help both gameplay-wise and technical to other members of the community. I have a good rapport with many of the active members, mods, and admins, and generally try to keep in everyone's good graces. Additionally, you're a fantastic community resource for Warframe, a great place to bounce build ideas around.

    How have you changed since this happened: I'll always be who I am, but obviously there are rules I need to follow if I am to be a continued member of the community. I suppose a viable response to this question would be that I have a much more solid understanding of what does and does not fall within the rules, and will develop a more studious approach to the interpretation of the rules themselves. I have been quite vigilant in regard to imagery that may oppose the rules, but less so towards text. This must change.

    How do you plan on being different if we lift the ban: No more conversations involving sexual topics, and an avoidance of particularly volatile topics in general. More thought will be put into initiating or including myself into conversations that may or do veer in those directions. I will also take this experience as a means to provide guidance for others who may be swaying in those directions, attempting to halt them before they get banned as well.

    I apologize for this infraction and those leading up to them. I general consider myself a good guy and try to get along with most everybody, but sometimes I get a little riled up and make poor decisions. With a healthy dose of self-control, and the good graces of your admins, I hope to avoid any situations like this in the future.


    @soilborn said in Ban Appeal:

    No other warnings come to mind.

    Hmmm, I'm seeing 4 warnings and a kick to stop the NSFW discussions in off-topic and anime....

    I do appreciate your candor that you are willing to change your behavior on the server, however it doesn't look like you responded to attempts to redress much, even after a warning 5 minutes prior to your ban.

  • strokes chin

    I must have missed the 5-minute prior warning. I typically hop back and forth between Discord and work when I'm in the office, so it likely slipped under my radar. And those four other warnings are still slipping my mind.

    I'd be more than willing to have my future behavior put under a microscope moving forward, if it is your will.


    I was mistaken on the 5-minutes prior one, regardless, the kick a week ago should've sent a shock to your system.

  • Actually, the kick left very little impact. I saw that the server was missing from my list, so I just hopped back in figuring Discord hiccuped my perms or I removed it by mistake. Only after a little digging later did I find out it was intentional, and I just wrote off the relevant subject matter as an unacceptable conversation topic. And I stuck to it. It would not have been the first time Discord lost a server on me. Honestly, if I had been the mod who kicked me (I forget who actually did), I'd have made it a temp ban of a couple hours to drive home the fact that it's actual punishment. Putting someone on the other side of an unlocked door doesn't really teach much.

    If I regarded this situation as something equivalent, I wouldn't be here asking for redemption. Put me on probation if you will. Reduce it to a temporary ban. Watch me like a hawk. I've been stupid, but I love you guys. You're bucketloads of fun and fantastic conversation partners.

    No lewds.
    No political stuff.
    No inappropriate references, regardless of context.
    No more sexual jokes.


    After talking it over with other admins, we are going to deny it for now. If you re-appeal in a couple weeks, we're more than happy to reconsider, because we are pleased you are willing to change, at least on the server. 👍

  • Thank you for the consideration, and I really appreciate your willingness to reconsider my return further down the line. I'll return in a few weeks with my re-appeal.

    Thank you again.

  • Follow-up question on procedure: I assume I'll need to make a new thread? Or should I bump this one?


    make a new one at that time 👍

  • Copy that, thank you again!