Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.17.4

  • Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.17.4


    • Removed unnecessary ragdoll from all the Eidolon variants, as it was only causing issues when attempting to kill it with knockdown weapons as seen here:
    • Optimized Helios' Investigator Precept: it should now find targets more than 10x faster and no longer causes periodic spikes in frame-time as high as 7ms.
    • Improved performance of a few “laser beam” effects (including security cameras, Mirage's Blinding Disco Ball of Pain beams, trip lasers, etc).
    • Kuva Guardians will now play their disarming animation properly, instead of having their Twin Rogga’s magically pop into their hands.


    • Fixed missing Shoulder Armor in the TennoGen Banshee Sonority Skin.
      • We’re working on a script to give the respective Shoulder Armor to those who purchased the TennoGen Skin. We will update you here when it is running/complete.
    • Fixed cases of being unable to play Warframe if you customized your controller bindings within the past week due to broken bindings.
    • More fixes toward cases of selected Bounty disappearing or failing when transitioning to the Plains from Cetus.
    • Fixed remaining players after a Host migration while in the tunnel to Cetus not having the proper Bounty and will result in a crash if they complete their objective.
    • Fixed Ivara’s Concentrated Arrow Augment arrows not exploding if you have negative Range Mods and activate the Ability enough.
    • Fixed Ivara’s Concentrated Arrow Augment arrows unintentionally triggering on allies.
    • Fixed potentially running past Teshin’s transmission trigger in The War Within quest due to layout changes.
    • Fixed Nezha getting stuck in ‘Power In Use’ if downed while throwing Blazing Chakram.
    • Fixed Smeeta’s Charm cooldown being removed if you were to Revive or be Revived.
    • Fixed Pets losing loyalty when transitioning from Plains to Cetus because they are presumed 'died' during the transition.
    • Fixed missing muzzle flash FX on Railgun Moas.
    • Fixed names for controller button bindings in the Placement tab for decoration placement being inconsistent with the name of the buttons actually used.
    • Fixed missing controller button icons in Decoration mode.
    • Fixed Sky Archwing summon sounds playing across the entire Plains regardless if near or far from you.
    • Fixed flickering glass tube in Kuva Fortress trophy room tile.

    Conclave Fixes:
    Fixed a crash in Conclave if you loaded into a game with an empty weapon loadout.