Dedicated Voice Chat Mods

  • I have heard from several regulars in the voice chat suggest this and I think it might be a great idea. Right now we are reactionary . Since the action has to occur then as a player they look to see who is doing it, try to mute, grab a name, and ping a mod who by the time they get into VC the offender has gone silent and it becomes a he/she said drama.if this occurs during a sortie Mobile Defense with a person and 10 waves you know if can be a while before you can safely tab out. By having active Voice Chat dedicated moderators it can be easier to catch the the racist and sexist comments are being made instead of making this a game of she/he said since the mod who most likely be in the large relays... I know this won't ever 100% stop things however this seems like it can only improve the quality of life of the over all discord.....


    I actually think that this is an amazing idea! Would they be able to server mute people and ban them, or were you thinking more along the lines of they could prevent someone from saying the stuff that they were and be a trusted source to a moderator or admin so they know to kick or ban that person?


    I like it. I don't think we'd need it if we had a larger variety and amount of mods.

  • @Tobiah my point is that regulars in Vc are feeling annoyed and left out that text is so heavily covered but Vc is not.... i don't think more staff is 100% the answer. ... but dedicated to vc, i can see....


    @Zygomatic_Rose 100% agree, just giving alternative options that could cover the same, but i think dedicate VC mods would do it well

  • I still suggest dedicated Voice mods