Ban Re-Appeal

  • Username: @Soilborn#6642

    Discord ID: 274263928391991297

    Date/Time: March 29th 10:55 est

    Reason for ban: "You are being banned from the Warframe Community Discord for repeated instances of posting inappropriate, sexual, or political topics." Exact subject not specified, assumed to be in response to the horse comic in #anime.

    Warnings given before ban: One kick was performed on 3/19. Two warnings via PM, one on 3/8, another on 1/27. Other warnings I cannot find among my PM records.

    Team member who issued the ban: -Misan-

    Reason for lifting the ban: I’ve dabbled in a couple of communities over the past two weeks, and while most are decent, none of them match the camaraderie I’ve observed and felt here. A few people from this server have messaged and friended me after I got banned, which I would never have expected most anywhere else. I actually felt like part of the community as opposed to just some random person among other random people in a chatroom. I’ve provided guidance to others in matters Warframe-related and otherwise. I feel like I had something to contribute, and the others here contributed to me as well. This is quite simply a fantastic community that I was more than happy to be a part of, and I recognize how royally I screwed up in getting myself into the situation I am in now.

    How have you changed since this happened: A few things have happened since my initial appeal. I’ve had some time to reflect on the circumstances that led to my ban, and how I didn’t take any of the warnings or the kick that led up to it seriously, a grave error on my part. I have a more solidified understanding of the rules, and will resist any urges I get to press their boundaries going forward. As an aside, I have since quit drinking alcohol. Though this decision wasn’t influenced by my ban, I know for a fact that a lack of sobriety had played a part in my previous excessive shenanigans.

    How do you plan on being different if we lift the ban: To reiterate my initial appeal, no more conversations about sexual topics, and an avoidance of particularly volatile topics in general. I will refrain from initiating conversations that veer in those directions, and extract myself from those that do. I will also take this experience as a means to provide guidance for others who may be swaying in those directions, attempting to halt them before they get in trouble as well. I have and will continue to improve upon my impulsiveness and self-control, hopefully to avoid any future situations such as this.


    Sounds good, soil. I'll get you unbanned. have a nice day.

  • Thank you, my good sir!