Ban appeal

  • Username: I_Still_Dab#2132 I was banned for spamming dead memes. I didn't recieve a very clear warning other than a bunch of people saying ban him. I get the message now. I don't know who banned me and I can't exactly ask. I was banned 4-22-2018. I realize the error in my ways and will definitely look over the rules more carefully this time. I swear to you this was a one time thing and it won't happen again. I really like warframe and feel that I'm missing out not being on the discord. I was just trying to be funny but I see we have differing senses of humor and I accept that. I am an admin on another somewhat large server and I know how annoying some people can be. That is why I plan on being more mature here on out.


    This has no formatting. You will not be unbanned.

    If you're an admin on another server, you'd understand the need for order.

  • @tobiah its legible.

  • @tobiah if formatting matters that much to you then I don't want in your group. Its not like I can't make an alt account anyways. (Which I won't be because your group so very poorly representing warframe)


    All we asked was that ban appeals follow a format to provide us with all of the information needed. I'm sorry you have a problem with that. Have a nice day.

  • This post is deleted!