Ban Appeal - Lemon

  • Before you read, and before you consider or assume anything, note that I understand what I have done has caused stress and unnecessary drama between me and the staff, and I do sincerely apologise. I said it before, before I tried to change, before I put myself onto a different account entirely to get rid of the name I had before, to go back and try to undo some of the wrongs I had committed, even I now hate that name and see it as toxic. Yes, I was Stokes, and yes, I was one of the most toxic people around, but, whether or not you believe me when I say this and regardless of the lies I had told recently just to get back, I have changed. I no longer use vulgar language in every message I send, I no longer spam or send each message individually in a chat, I no longer wish to cause major mishap within servers, I don't want to be who I was before. I want to be different. Regardless of if you believe me after all of this, after lying just to get back into the server and after claiming myself to be "innocent under someone else's ban", I'll keep this promise to change, and again apologize for the trouble I've caused on both accounts. This wasn't exactly meant to sound cheesy or anything like that, and I don't expect myself to get unbanned after this, but the apology and the promise to change still stands, and I hope you take those at least.

    Discord Username: Lemon#0002

    Discord ID: 446325608696512522

    Date/Time when ban was issued: May 16th

    Reason given (if any) for the ban: Many things, causing trouble on an old account, creating a new one to evade, and overall lying to staff and causing mishaps all around.

    Warnings received prior to the ban: Many, can't remember exactly how many.

    Team member who issued the ban: Tobiah

    Explain why we should lift the ban: As said in the entire blob of text above, I've changed. Expecting this appeal to go through would seem to be asking for too much, but I do at least hope that the apology and promise to change are accepted. I've created a new account not exactly to evade the ban for this server, but rather to start over entirely. I hate the way I was before and I promise to do whatever it takes to make up for the trouble I've caused and to change from what I was. The recent lying issue was most likely a sign seen by you guys that I hadn't changed, that I'm just asking for pity and still doing all the wrong things, but I can assure you it was merely based on either expecting too much from a third appeal or thinking too little of what the staff would truly be willing to do.

    How have you changed since this happened: Apart from a new account, my attitude has changed, my profound and utterly explicit and inappropriate use of words, which I'm sure at least a few of those in the staff team will understand what exactly I mean by that, and overall my behavior towards others and in general. I no longer am the toxic little hyperactive kid I was before, I'm much more calm and less talkative in a way.

    How do you plan on being different if we lift the ban: As said before, my behavior has changed and so has my attitude, and overall I've changed who I am and how I act. No more lies, no more pity, regardless of whether or not this appeal is successful I will be sure to change completely.


    Thank you for your candid appeal and apology. We will be discussing this.


    You appeal has been accepted. You will be unbanned momentarily.