Sincere Ban Appeal - Ares - God of War

  • Discord Username : CUTIE_4H #9135
    Discord ID : 422005659672772609
    Date/Time when ban was issued : Thursday 17th May 2018 at around 1300 hours GMT
    Reason given (if any) for the ban : Spamming multiple times, to get attention.
    Warnings received prior to the ban : An eight hour mute the day before, after then being kicked, then rejoining following a 30 minute mute. Whilst then in the Chill Zone being banned.
    Team member who issued the ban : Cutethulhu
    Explain why we should lift the ban : You should lift my ban due to me seeing my ways of being a horrible guest in the Warframe Server. This is my favorite game and I was wrong to still spam unnecessarily just to get attention and being the annoying person that I am even though I cannot control it sometimes
    How have you changed since this happened : I have changed a lot due to every person that I meet on social media and in real life hating me. I do not like this I wish to become friends with everyone I meet due to this helping my disorder.
    How do you plan on being different if we lift the ban : I plan on acting differently by not pinging Mods unnecessarily and being the better person by my using more tabs to help me control my disorder

    I truly am sorry @Cutethulhu it will not happen again.
    To make it up if i do eventually get unbanned i will prove it to you by asking to be on probation period of 3 days and if i spam the same message even only twice you can ban my completely.
    Also this is my sister's account and I have resisted myself from adding my actual account to the Warframe Server, due to it voiding my ban on that account.
    I did read the rules, but sometimes I just spam to get attention, but I am 25 I'm not a kid anymore I assure you I will not let you or Tobiah, or any of the other Mods, Guides of the Tenno, Server Admins etc.
    I also wanted to say that would there be any chance of me becoming a Mod if I do get unbanned?

    I hope I hear from you soon,
    Ares - God of War.


    1. Your first appeal was better, and your formatting is missing markdown, but those are minor.
    2. Don't interfere or butt in on other Ban Appeals, that makes you lose a good deal of initial good graces.
    3. Don't share or use other people's accounts. This is a violation of the discord TOS and we can't unban you right now because of that.

  • So, will I have to make a new appeal @Tobiah ?
    But as I will say time and time I truly will change I promise.
    And I was only using my sisters account because she loves this game.

  • I made a mistake @Tobiah and it will not happen again. I have gained more control over my disorder as you can tell by me not acting as a kid. I play Warframe and love the game more than anyone, I am probably the biggest fan of the game. I would love to have the honor to be in the Warframe Server again. And prove to everybody that by having another chance, I am the better person, that I can be the 25 year old I am.

  • You can even ping everyone on the server if you do accept me back that if i spam the same message once or be toxic in any way, that to alert you and ban me forever. Also not accepting another appeal, this is how certain I am about how much I have changed.


    We are still deliberating. I'd prefer you simply fix the appeal.

    We rarely ping everyone and would prefer not to, overall.

  • What do you mean by deliberating?


  • Also, fix the appeal?
    Do you mean to edit it back to the way it was firstly?


    Well, at least the formatting, because when you removed some of it, it got harder to read 😞

  • I'm confused. I only added more information

  • Also if I had the chance to join once more I would not even say anything that could potentially cause harm to the Warframe Community. I regret every muscle I moved in order to seek attention. I see every error in my ways. Another thing why I would love to join is for trading, finding a squad etcetera, due to the chats in-game being very busy and no-one replying to me.

  • Sorry if this seems annoying to you but, I am so sorry for editing my Appeal a lot.
    I just wanted to add more information that I wanted to say but forgot about it, and show how sincere I am to saying sorry.

  • Just please tell me what to fix of my appeal, to help me rectify myself completely. I just. want to join the Warframe Server once more.


    Ok, now you're definitely not getting unbanned, and i'm going to have to ban you from here because you decided to directly contradict what I had just asked you not to do on your own appeal.

    You went into someone else's appeal and decided to stick your nose in where it didn't belong. Good bye.