Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.3

  • Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.3

    Friendly heads up that we’re aware of the lavish costs to build some of the new Orokin Dojo Decorations. Our team is looking into not only reducing those costs, but also refunding Clans that have built them. Stay tuned for these changes next week!


    • You can now place multiple Custom Obstacle Courses in your Dojo!
    • Scaled the Ceramic Dagger to a more reasonable size. Ceramic Dagger-But-Long-Like-A-Sword didn’t have a nice ring to it.
    • Upon completing the required Synthesis scans, Simaris' Daily Task entry in the World State Window can now be clicked to automatically load you into the nearest Relay.
    • Optimized memory usage by Dojos with a large number of Decorations. This also fixes a crash from Decoration heavy Obstacle Courses.
    • Made adjustments to Controller bindings when transitioning between mouse and controller.
    • Removed the ‘Only Sellable’ option from the Ducat Kiosk menu as it doesn’t apply to that screen.
    • Removed the controller D-Pad function from the Somachord as it does not function there.


    • More fixes towards crashing as a result of particles.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur if you disconnected while your Sentinel Vacuum was sucking up an item with particle effects attached to it.
    • Fixed a Dx11 crash on shutdown (possibly because the graphics driver crashed first).
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when attempting to Host a session while an existing session was still active.
    • Fixed duplicate Mods appearing in the Arsenal after upgrading a Mod. These duplicate Mods were merely a mirage of your desires, and did not truly exist.
    • Fixed UI disappearing when switching between Spear/Bait/Dye in the Spear Fishing HUD.
    • Fixed sleeping enemies (Equinox’s Rest) being alerted when approaching them.
    • Fixed switching to Borderless Fullscreen not always positioning the window properly (it seemed to only be reliable if you set to Borderless and booted up that way).
    • Fixed a script error when casting Saryn’s Spores on a ragdoll. This resulted in the Spores to not show up (but still tick damage).
    • Fixed a prompt with incorrect text breaking your ability to enter the Dojo Obstacle Course.
    • Fixed being able to trap other players inside Dojo Decorations.
    • Fixed level load music playing when loading into the Apostasy quest.
    • Fixed Kohm’s firing charge sound staying active.
    • Fixed selecting a linked item in Chat preventing all controller buttons from not functioning until Chat is minimized.
    • Fixed controller input issues when Chat linking Zaws.
    • Fixed moss acting strangely with the Simaris Data Parse Widget.
    • Fixed overlapping controller button callouts when selecting 5+ Emojis.
    • Fixed Invasion text overlapping when hovering over the World State Window with a controller.
    • Fixed a script error when transitioning between mouse and controller as the Arsenal Upgrade screen is opening.
    • Fixed a script error when switching between mouse/controller before the Inbox has loaded.
    • Fixed a script error when looking at enemies with non-standard resistance types (Void Damage, Finisher Damage, etc) with the Data Parse Widget.
    • Fixed a script error when casting Gara’s Splinter Storm.

    Conclave Fixes:

    • Fixed Conclave mode of the Arsenal not presenting/applying upgrades correctly to items.
    • Fixed non-functional controller D-Pad callouts being visible on Conclave End of Mission screen.