Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.4

  • Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.4

    The Orokin Decoration costs/refunds mentioned in Hotfix 22.20.3 are continuing to be discussed. We expect to have those changes live this week - stay tuned!


    • Tweaked how Assassination Targets spawn in Assassinate Bounties to fix recurring issues of failed Bounties due to the Target not spawning. The Bounty will now attempt to procure a spawn location for the Target for 30 seconds, and if it fails, the Bounty will successfully advance. Geometry and split-second timing play into factor here, and failing a Bounty due to unavoidable situations does not grant Konzu his early lunch!
    • Exiting the Relic selection menu now counts as a non-vote instead of a decline. Previously ‘Exiting’ from the Relic selection screen counted as "declining" the mission, which you could not undo unless you left the squad, or the mission is cancelled entirely.
    • You can now trade the Peculiar Growth Mod!
    • Improved velocity and friction of small UI button targeting with a controller.
    • Improved AI navigation in the Grineer Shipyard tileset.
    • Reduced the loading/Star Chart percussion loop.


    • Fixed losing Djinn after it dies and a Host Migration occurs.
    • Fixed Carrier’s Ammo Case precept continuing to function after it has died.
    • Fixed Onslaught Elemental hazards appearing on every subsequent Zone once it has been determined.
    • Fixed Banshee’s Resonating Quake Augment showing 25 Energy cost on Abilities page instead of the intended 100 Energy.
    • Fixed Loki Switch Teleporting another player out of a Dargyn resulting in having incorrect animations and inability to dismount the Dargyn.
    • Fixed non-friendly drivable Dargyns not counting for the Dargyn Bow kill Riven Challenge.
    • Fixed Zephyr’s Turbulence doing a lousy job at deflecting Drekar Elite Lancer shots.
    • Fixed Nova’s Null Star trail FX not using custom Energy color.
    • Fixed Equinox Specters Rest & Rage not working correctly for NPCs.
    • Fixed a GPU particle leak.
    • Fixed cases of getting stuck on ceiling geometry in the Iron Wake tileset.
    • Fixed the "Invite Squad member" button or the "Show profile" dropdown not functioning after viewing the Inventory.
    • Fixed cases of scrolling inability with a controller in the Arsenal.
    • Fixed controller D-Pad not being able to change Market item quantities.
    • Fixed silly Arsenal rotation when switching from mouse to controller when the mouse is left clicking but hasn't been released before switching.
    • Fixed controller cursor drift if it was moving when you closed the last screen.
    • Fixed discrepancies when transitioning from mouse/keyboard to cursor while in the Chat window.
    • Fixed Shift>Tab switching Chat tabs in the wrong direction.
    • Fixed Moa's playing Shockwave Moa charge attack vocals on death.
    • Fixed Clients ability to see Synthesis tracking FX if the Host opens the Synthesis Scanner.
    • Fixed the Excavation UI breaking for Clients.
    • Fixed a crash that occurred if you joined a mission in progress when someone simultaneously picked up an item.
    • Fixed a crash that occurred in the Arsenal.
    • Fixed a script error when entering a Dojo Duel instance as a Client.
    • Fixed a script error when targeted by a Tusk Mortar Bombard.
    • Fixed a script error that occurred when using a Nosam Cutter.
    • Fixed some cases of [PH] text in the Dojo Obstacle Course.