Ban Appeal - Flameboy0501

  • Discord Username: [Xbox]Flameboy0501(MR6)#1463
    Discord ID: #1463
    Date/Time when ban was issued: I believe it was 3 weeks ago 05/10/18 NZT
    Reason given (if any) for the ban: Because I sent Tobiah an unsolicited invite to another discord server.
    Warnings received prior to the ban: None other than I was getting banned
    Team member who issued the ban: @Tobiah
    Explain why we should lift the ban: Because I believe that I should have gotten a warning at least or a mute, not a straight-up ban from the server, I also believe that you should have gotten a mute instead of a ban from the server since that was a first-time offence for me, I did not repeatedly spam Tobiah with invites it was just one.
    How have you changed since this happened: I have changed by watching who I send discord invites to.
    How do you plan on being different if we lift the ban: By removing any Admins or Mods who are in my messages list on my discord and watching who I send messages to.


    We discussed this at the time of your ban, and you knew why you were being banned.
    You didn't give us an id, that is a discriminator, not an id. Feel free to see @Misan's post on the example appeal as to how to get your ID.

    Removing admins and mods doesn't stop the problem that you're sending unsolicited invites to other servers, which is against our rules.

    Until you realize that and understand why, you will remain banned.