ban appeal

  • Geotoaster#3788
    I got banned for saying I get an erection from seeing Frost.
    I didn't receive a warning. Alyosha PMed me saying I was banned.
    Because it's stupid that I was banned in the first place.
    I didn't. This happened like, barely a minute ago. I guess i'll try and stop talking about how i'd like to fuck warframes? That was the topic at the time though
    I'll lower my amount of shitposts.


    Hi, I appreciate you taking the time to appeal, but a few things you left out:

    1. Your id.
    2. You have far more than the singe offense under your belt, and after you've been warned for posting sexual discussions or content several times, the mod is well within their rights to take action.

    Prior punishments:

    1. Placing the blame on others for continuing a topic doesn't make us any more convinced that you're sincere.

    You will remain banned until such a time that you can appeal properly.

  • "trashing a fandom, posting undertale vore"
    i never posted undertale vore
    i've never said any directly racist jokes, unless you mean that i've said; "nigga." If you do mean that, please consider growing up.
    "big fat nerd" sorry but what
    "talk about traps" i understand that talking about traps is bad and all but it's not like it's a slur or anything
    "avoiding mute" sorry what?
    all i remember from that vc is that I put on a super young-sounding voice and some pretentious asshole went "ok hun i'm gonna mute you now" or some bullshit
    other than that yeah i guess i should've been banned
    but if you think "big fat nerd" is actually a reason to give someone a warning then in general i'm sad that i even came to a server with you in it


    Well, in none of these circumstances was I interacting with you, so please don't make this about me and you, because it's not. It's about your continued behavior over time after being asked to stop multiple times. As you can see, these are not all at once, they're over a long duration, and it looks like you did just fine for like 6 months in there, but I don't know what changed for you, but I hope life gets better.