Ban Appeal

  • Discord Username : Cutie_4H #9135

    Discord ID : 422005659672772609

    Date/Time when ban was issued : 18th May 2018 at around 1:00PM GMT

    Reason given (if any) for the ban : I was banned for spamming multiple times, to get attention and annoying the Mods, with multiple warnings and a kick.

    Warnings received prior to the ban : An eight hour mute the day before, after then being kicked, then rejoining following a 30 minute mute. Whilst then in the Chill Zone being banned.

    Team member who issued the ban : I think it was Motherthulu or Tobiah, I am not completely sure.

    Explain why we should lift the ban : I think that my ban should be lifted because I was banned from the forums and still am banned from the Warframe Community Server, and due to this, I have had time to reflect and see the horrible ways I have acted. Warframe is my most favorite game and I hate being away from the Community and not having the chance to find a squad or just have a nice discussion with the Community and keeping up the the exciting announcements Digital Extremes post. I was wrong to spam unnecessarily to just seek attention and being the annoying person i was. Also blaming it on a disorder is just low, so yes, it was entirely my fault.

    How have you changed since this happened I have changed in the most effective way. By reflecting on what I did and becoming the better person that everyone like to meet and just talk to, because every person that met me in my life hated me and now I have learnt all my lessons the hard way.

    How do you plan on being different if we lift the ban : I plan on being the better person by not pinging Mods every second for unnecessary reasons and just stick with the crowd, so I cannot make any mistakes again. And if I think that a message will offend the Community in any way, to just forget about it.

    To prove that I am truly sorry, if I do get unbanned to be put on a probation period of no shorter than 3 days, and in this period I spam just the same message twice to be banned forever and be banned from the forums again.

    I hope I have more luck this time and I hope hearing from you again Tobiah.


  • Sorry, but it may have been Volt, because after I was banned, he sent me a link to appeal for a ban. My apologies.


    At present, your actions are still a bit too raw on people's memories. Please give it time and you will be given another chance.

  • Okay, thank you very much for the advice.