Tenno 35 Contest

    As we all know, there are currently 35 warframes in the game (Not including primed) and because tennocon is in 33 days, I would like to hold this contest for each day. The contest is to create a short clip of your warframe with your personal fashion. After 33 days I will create and design a trailer with the chosen clips. Because of the short time, both Excalibur and Mag are today's frames! Read down below the warframe of the day


    • Post video on YouTube
    • Quality 1920 X 1080
    • MAX 30sec
    • NO text! Your name will be mentioned in video
    • Have #Tenno35 in title. Don't need to post clips here!
    • With video, have your Username or Alias in Description.


    • Featured in video
    • TennoBB Glyph

    JUNE 4th: Excalibur, Mag
    JUNE 5th: Ash
    JUNE 6th: Ember
    JUNE 7th: Loki
    JUNE 8th: Rhino
    JUNE 9th: Trinity
    JUNE 10th: Volt
    JUNE 11th: Frost
    JUNE 12th: Nyx
    JUNE 13th: Banshee
    JUNE 14th: Saryn
    JUNE 15th: Vauban
    JUNE 16th: Nova
    JUNE 17th: Nekros
    JUNE 18th: Valkyr
    JUNE 19th: Oberon
    JUNE 20th: Zephyr
    JUNE 21st: Hydroid
    JUNE 22nd: Mirage
    JUNE 23rd: Limbo
    JUNE 24th: Mesa
    JUNE 25th: Chroma
    JUNE 26th: Equinox
    JUNE 27th: Atlas
    JUNE 28th: Wukong
    JUNE 29th: Ivara
    JULY 1st: Nezha
    JULY 2nd: Inaros
    JULY 3rd: Titania
    JULY 4th: Nidus
    JULY 5th: Octavia
    JULY 6th: Gara
    JULY 7th: Khora~~